Making the choice: SaaS or On-Premise Solution

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Written by iqDynamics

When integrating new platforms to their workforce organisations often find themselves in a SaaS or on-premise debate. We have collated some SaaS or on-premise statistic for businesses to make a decision.

In spite of the numerous pros and cons between cloud-based and on-premise HR solutions, both systems have an equivalent portion of benefits.

It is dependent on the requirements of each individual organization. By gathering a balanced view of the overall industry and individual business requirements and analyzing the features of each model then can you comprehend which works best for your organization. Business can better make a decisive decision, is it a SaaS or on-premise decision.

While organizations should adopt a system that will accelerate HR productivity while simultaneously cultivate employee engagement. Deployment decisions are often influenced by the size and culture of the organization, and most importantly, the budget and regulatory constraints.


Making a choice, SaaS or On-Premise

There are many factors to consider in deciding SaaS or on-premise:

  • Size of business
  • Data security/ privacy concerns
  • Frequency of upgrades and patches
  • Level of internet connectivity
  • Ownership cost
  • Flexibility of system
  • Risk levels
  • Capitalization of investment.


However, as an overview, these few questions will help get to the bottom of your choice on SaaS or on-premise:

    1. Can the system offer sufficient cybersecurity for all the employee information stored in the database?
    2. Does it provide the storage facilities required?
    3. Can storage volumes be reduced or increased, given changing necessities?
    4. Can the system ensure flexibility while maintaining a certain control and consolidation of the content on your HRIS system?

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After a thorough study of solutions that offer the functionality you require within your security requirements and budget constraints, you will be on the right path to either an on-premise or cloud solution for your HRIS.

Worried about what you might lose out picking one model over the other? With HRiQ, you no longer have to worry. As a true web-based HR system, HRiQ allows your workforce to access key HR functions anywhere via any device or browser. Stay securely connected and work on the go even when you are away from your desk. Avoid additional fees on third-party network connection tools (VPNs) and get direct secure access through the web even when hosting on-premise.  If you would like to find out more on how our deployment methods work, Contact us here today! 

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