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Statutory-Compliant and Accurate Payroll Software Supporting With Multi-Currencies Payout Capabilities

The heart of all operational compensation is essential to ensure accurate monthly salary disbursement. This module is designed to comply with Singapore’s statutory compliances such as CPF, tax and provide direct IRAS tax reporting. Management can compute performance bonuses with performance grading insights, compare salary revisions with market benchmarking data, and obtain detailed reports on payroll expenses, tax compliance, and more.

HRiQ™ Payroll Software

A payroll system built to cater for the ever-growing complexity of modern-day payroll requirements and designed to highly automate the payroll process by eliminating manual inputs and seamlessly integrating across other HRiQ modules.


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Achieve Real-Time Updates and Accuracy through Tight Integrations

  • HRiQ’s tight integration across other core functions ensures HR gets informed of any salary updates, new joiners or leaver’s pro-rated salary instructions, additional approved compensation or deductions accurately and timely manner. Taxable benefits and CPF contributions are automatically included accurately.
  • Our payroll complies with Singapore statutory compliances such as CPF and tax and includes direct IRAS tax reporting. Employees can access their payslips through a mobile app, providing them with convenience.
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Reward Bonuses or Salary Adjustments through Performance Intelligence

Compute performance bonuses based on performance grading insights, allowing management to reward high-performing employees accordingly. Our payroll system allows employers to compare salary revisions with industry benchmarks and ensure competitive compensation packages. Department heads can generate reports for review of employee salary and benefits.

Finding It Tough To Keep Up With The Ever-Changing Elements Of Modern-Day Payroll Processes?

Minimize discrepancies and maximize efficiency with our highly configurable payroll system that automates all payroll process while ensuring accuracy across all financial information. Assuring compliance to the most up to date statutory requirements in Singapore.

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