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Accurately Track and Report Billable Work Hours while Staying Compliant with Singapore’s statutory Regulations

Efficiently manage and track employee working hours through various channels such as web and mobile. Employees can easily record their time, attendance and make overtime hours claims, while management gains real-time visibility into their team’s attendance and working hours.

HRiQ™ Overtime and Timesheet Management System

Insightful monitoring and reporting of your temporary or project-based workforce.
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Configure the Timesheet According to Organization Requirements

  • HRiQ™ timesheet can be configured to match your organization’s different requirements, and easily facilitate overtime hours claims through electronic forms submission. Organizations can configure the style of timesheet that employees should submit; daily start and end time, the number of overtime hours required to be claimed or submit starting and end time of overtime worked.
  • Employees can indicate the amount of time spent on each task and project during submission, providing department heads information for better resource management and useful information for reporting and analysis.
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Improve Efficiency with Configurable workflows

  • Optimize flexible and configurable workflows to improve efficiency and obtain official approval before compensations are paid out.

Tabulating & Tracking Billable Work Hours Manually While Trying To Stay Ahead With Ever Changing Work Hours Schedule?

Track and report billable work hours while staying compliant with singapore’s statutory regulations efficiently and effectively. Analyze workforce performance. Optimize resource utilization for multiple projects and employees simultanouesly by capturing billable hours as well as overtime information.

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