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Payroll Outsourcing

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We have a Singapore-based HR and Payroll service team who are committed to ensuring accuracy and timely services for all your monthly payroll and Human Resource needs. Our comprehensive HCM platform provides a secure and integrated solution for outsourcing payroll administration services while managing other HR and talent development functions, all in one place.

Why outsource?

  • Outsourcing HR and payroll can be an effective solution for businesses that want to focus on achieving their strategic goals without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. It can also help companies increase cost benefits and efficiencies by freeing up staff to work on core business tasks.
  • In urgent situations, such as when HR staff quits, outsourcing can provide an experienced professional who can immediately take over the workload without requiring extensive training on HRiQ. Additionally, outsourcing can provide basic HR services, such as payroll and benefits administration, as well as professional HR advice on hiring, compensation, and market practices.

Services Provided

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Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Outsourcing payroll services can provide businesses with a streamlined and efficient way to handle various payroll-related tasks.
  • Payroll outsourcing services include:
    • Process new hires, leavers, salary changes, overtime, shifts and other allowances and deductions
    • Prepare monthly payroll reports categorized by cost centers/ departments, variance reports and general ledger reports 
    • Prepare and upload bank GIRO file for salary disbursements and release secured e-pay slips to employees
    • Prepare and submit monthly CPF payments, NSmen make-up pay, maternity and childcare leave claims
    • Prepare and file IR21 for foreign employees
    • Calculate final pay cheques for resignees
    • Yearly tax submission of employment income for employees
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Leave Administration Services

  • Leave administration services play a crucial role in managing employee leave records and ensuring that leave policies are appropriately followed.
  • Leave administration services include:
    • Perform leave administrator function to update and maintain the leave records of employees, and migrate year-end leave for the new calendar year
    • Generate various reports throughout the year, including leave accrual reports
    • Reconcile each employee’s leave based on the organization policy and timelines
    • Perform approval function for leave types that are not approved by the managers
    • Review, update and create new leave types as needed
    • Update approving officer(s) and leave approval structure whenever there are changes in employee movements
    • Ensure new hires and transferred employees are added to the leave system and resignees are terminated
    • Attend to enquires from employees and resolve leave-related issues
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Claim Outsourcing Services

  • Outsourcing claims services can help businesses reduce operational costs and streamline claims processing.
  • Claim outsourcing services include:
    • Process multi-currency claims and employee benefits claim such as medical, dental and other expenses
    • Verify the original claims submitted against actual receipts to ensure compliance and the claims are correctly captured under the correct category, and approval of claims after verification is completed
    • Track receipts for claims approved on an exception basis
    • Produce claims reports by claims category
    • Update claims limits or exceptions whenever necessary
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