An Enterprise HR System That Works The Way You Do

HRiQ comprises of an integrated HR Software and Talent Suite for enterprises with functionalities geared towards managing a large workforce while accommodating for unique or complex HR policies.

HRiQ is continually developed with the idea that your HR management software should complement your processes, not vice versa. With a complete integration across HRiQ’s suite or with your existing HR software, your employee data stays synchronized across all HR and Talent Management processes, allowing real-time data analysis and extraction to drive organizational success.



Evolving beyond standard HR functions

HRiQ introduces automation to alleviate not only, administrative and time-consuming HR operational tasks but also accommodate the unique complex policies in your organisation.
Together with HRiQ mobile, improvement management and engagement of your HR processes with your employees wherever they may be.

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UI of HRiQ Talent Management Software

Grow Your Workforce Organically

Our ERP-grade software solution for your talent management and planning needs. In one integrated and sustainable system, you have access to strategic talent management functions and features to let you recruit, develop, reward and retain a talented workforce.

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Host Your HRiQ With Us

iqDynamics utilises Microsoft Azure as a platform to store your important HR data, adhering to ISO27001 standards and a Tier- 3 Multi-tier cloud security standard for Singapore according to MAS and ABD standards. iqDynamics’ in-house infrastructure team further monitors and implements additional security features to ensure your data is kept protected from cyber threats.

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Global Outreach,
Local Support

With more than 70,000 users across the globe, HRiQ has a dedicated team of local support consultants ready to assist with onboarding, training and troubleshooting.
Rated: 5/5 on Google

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    Services/ Hospitality Sector

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  • We are happy to say that it has resulted in a better HR process, replacing our former manual and time consuming process. We are happy with the HR software and services provided by iqDynamics and will not hesitate to recommend HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution to other companies.

  • We are pleased and satisfied with the overall HRiQ HR software performance and services … The consultants were very helpful and pro-active in sharing their industry knowledge from other projects to further improve the current HR administration process flow.

  • The transition into HRiQ Integrated HR Software was successful and we are happy to say that it has resulted in a better HR process, replacing our former manual and time consuming process.

  • The team is careful and meticulous with regards to our HR software requirements and questions. They are also prompt with replies and keep us updated constantly on their schedule and progress. We are satisfied with the professionalism, training and meticulousness shown by the IQ Dynamics team.

    Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants


cloud hosting vs SaaS

Cloud Hosting (SaaS) VS On-Premise Hosting

We explained in depth the difference in HR cloud hosting (SaaS) vs on premise hosting with security ISO 27001 implemented. Which will be your choice of HR model to be implemented?

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