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Elevate your HRMS efficiency with our booster services

From outsourcing your payroll processes to providing excellent support service.  Experience a hassle-free payroll management and enhance your overall HR operations with our expert services and solution.

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Payroll Outsourcing

We have a Singapore-based HR and Payroll service team who are committed to ensuring accuracy and timely services for all your monthly payroll and Human Resource needs. Our comprehensive HCM platform provides a secure and integrated solution for outsourcing payroll administration services while managing other HR and talent development functions, all in one place.

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Why outsource?

  • Outsourcing HR and payroll can be an effective solution for businesses that want to focus on achieving their strategic goals without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. It can also help companies increase cost benefits and efficiencies by freeing up staff to work on core business tasks.
  • In urgent situations, such as when HR staff quits, outsourcing can provide an experienced professional who can immediately take over the workload without requiring extensive training on HRiQ. Additionally, outsourcing can provide basic HR services, such as payroll and benefits administration, as well as professional HR advice on hiring, compensation, and market practices.

API Integration

HRiQ available API provides the flexibility and opportunity to enhance the capabilities of your HRMS, and the feasibility of customized interfaces with 3rd party software

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Common interface experience includes:

  • Interface and employee data synchronise with global HRIS
  • Timeclock data capturing from external timeclock hardware/ door access systems
  • Interface of roster and schedules from external roster scheduler software and monthly remuneration expenses from payroll/ claims to financial software for cost allocation tabulation of manpower
  • External applicant tracking software interface for new hire information and external e-learning content providers platform interface (e.g. LinkedIn, Udemy, Coursera, etc.)
  • Interface with external Enterprise Resource Planning Software for analytical data and reporting
  • Data exporting interface with external budgeting/ forecasting software

IT Managed Services

Add value to your business with our IT Managed Services and keep your IT systems available and running.

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We provide ongoing services to ensure that you have a secure IT environment. Ranging from

  • IT managed services
  • IT help desk services
  • IT monitoring and planning
  • IT systems consultancy
  • Network planning
  • IT services such as system setup and installation, monitoring, hosting, backup and disaster recovery services

These services are delivered in collaboration with our subsidiary company, I-Net Dynamics, providing you with a seamless service as a whole entity.

We aim to be your “One-stop strategic IT partner” by providing end-to-end complete solutions, without the hassle of dealing with many providers for your IT projects.


HRiQ is constantly evolving and updated with the latest cutting-edge technology, we aim to provide a comprehensive HRMS and bring convenience to our clients.

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Mobile Apps

  • HRiQ has an easy-to-use mobile app which is available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Web Technology

  • IQ Dynamics has embarked on web technology with multi-tier architecture design using Microsoft .NET. Providing effective usage experience without the need for any third-party virtual connection software
  • Providing flexibility for organisations:
    • Access from anywhere via our web-based application as long as there is internet with controlled user-based access rights
    • Intranet allows organisations to be accessible through organisation-controlled network sites with controlled user-based access rights

Professional Services

IQ Dynamics offers tailored project implementation services and training programs to our clients, which are designed to address their specific concerns and challenges.

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Project Implementation Services

IQ Dynamic consults have extensive experience in enterprise applications and are highly skilled in implementing, customizing and maintaining packages. They can also integrate them with other business applications to ensure optimal access and utilization of business information.

Our distributed delivery model, robust quality management processes, and expertise in focused industries allow us to deliver solutions faster and more effectively to our customers. We take into consideration your plans and concerns to consider every aspect of the project, from understanding the underlying business processes to changing management and technology options. Based on this understanding, we would recommend unique information systems that drive your business forward and deliver a measurable return on investment.

Our consulting services are complemented by a strong project management methodology and highly experienced project managers, enabling us to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Support Services

We prioritise our current clients with our ongoing customer support care services to provide the highest quality service and resolve any queries you may have.

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The success of information systems implementation relies heavily on customer support after implementation. At IQ Dynamics, we recognise the importance of ongoing support services for our clients who use our solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with the care they need and enhanced services to ensure their success.

Our Customer Care Program offers flexible, friendly, and uniquely focused solutions, including emergency support. We provide support services for the various products and solutions we have implemented for our clients, and our support services come with an extensive support service level agreement report that details our response and resolution performance for our customers. We prioritise transparency and focus on the support we provide for our customers. Additionally, we offer support services to our customers for the development projects we have done for them.