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HRiQ™ Enterprise Talent Management System

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Comprehensive HR Talent Management System to Drive Business Growth

Your workforce and an effectual strategy to manage talent becomes the most important driving factors in your business growth when effectively channeled.

HRiQ is a comprehensive enterprise HRMS and Talent management system built for effective employee development.
We enable you to develop your talent pool to attain their best potential.

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Unified Talent Management System

HRiQ™ Talent Management Solution focuses on helping your business achieve its long-term organizational goals by automating and optimizing the entire talent management processes of recruitment, development and retaining your organization’s top talent using a singular module or the entire integrated HRiQ suite.

HRiQ™ Training and Development System

Provide tailored training courses for your employees through HRiQ Training and Development. Monitor their growth and progress, and gather feedback from your employees and managers to improve your training course.

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HRiQ™ Recruitment

Increase the visibility of your recruitment efforts with an individualized online job portal on your website linked up to our recruitment software.

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HRiQ™ Employee e-Learning

Identify skill gaps and ensure continual improvement of your learning development plans allowing for your employees and managers to provide post-training feedback.

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HRiQ™ Onboarding and Workflow

Streamline processes with a structured and well-planned on-boarding processing while avoiding administrative nightmares with HRiQ™ Employee Onboarding and Workflow Software.

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HRiQ™ Performance Management System

The performance of an organization depends greatly on the performance of its workforce. Beginning with an accurate measurement of workforce performance, HRiQ assists with identifying your best talents to reward and those that require more guidance along the way.

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HRiQ™ Talent Development System

Utilizing the proven 9 Performance Grid Matrix, cultivate your own talent bench by assessing current employee’s potential at their job roles. Bring it one step further with integration to HRiQ™ other modules, bringing together your talent management activities all in one system.

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