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Onboarding and Workflows

Create a positive experience for new hires  

With our Onboarding and Workflows module, businesses can save time, reduce costs, and ensure that new hires have a positive experience, setting the tone for a successful and productive tenure. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual onboarding processes and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of welcoming new employees.

HRiQ™ Onboarding and workflows

Streamline processes with a structured and well-planned on-boarding processing while avoiding administrative nightmares with HRiQ™ Employee Onboarding and Workflow Software.

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Provide a Great Onboarding Experience for New Hires

  • Create a structured onboarding process that establishes great employer branding and streamlines the internal preparation process. Flexible and configurable workflow and processes can be created for different roles to meet onboarding requirements, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. Share company welcome messages and embedded publicly hosted welcome videos.
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Smooth and Streamlined Process to Offboard Employees

  • Internal offboarding alerts for function owners ensuring an efficient and smooth offboarding process. Increase efficiency and accuracy with real-time centeralised tabulation of off boarder’s compensation and deductibles. 
  • HRiQ ensures every offboarding experience is complete, and avoids missing information such as outstanding bonds, encashment leave entitlements and benefits.
  • Able to conduct offboarding surveys centrally to gather insights into the reason for departure, which can be used for analytical reporting and process improvement.
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Start your Digital Transformation and Optimize your Workflow with Automated Routing

  • Focus on the digital transformation and workflow optimization of your organization. Digitalize all manual workflow forms, reduce the usage of paper, avoid missing datelines and ensure all requests are handled promptly with built-in digital reminders.  
  • Design automated routing for configurable e-forms to determine owners for form completion, reducing the time required and ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Sync specific form fields with personal records to ensure records are updated after the proper workflow has been compiled, providing accurate and updated data which is easily accessible by relevant employees.
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Is your onboarding process giving new employees a negative experience?

Improve and streamline your onboarding experience. Flexible and configurable workflow and process for onboarding specific to roles. Optimize your onboarding process with automated routing.

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