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4 Reasons Why You Should Use HRiQ

HRiQ HR Software

Oftentimes, organizations tend to overlook the importance of investing in a quality HRM system. However, this should not be the case as effective HR management forms the backbone of any organization.

When given the leeway to perform, HR professionals and a good HRM system have the potential to create plenty of value for the organization. This is why in this article, we will be discussing the benefits of adopting a quality HRM system.


Improved data security

In today’s modern world, identity theft and data leakage should be one of the primary concerns of employers and HR professionals. PageUp; one of Australia’s largest HR service providers was the victim of a malware attack that resulted in a massive data breach.

While the company was not able to pinpoint what data was stolen exactly, the incident severely damaged PageUp’s reputation. Along with this, the data breach resulted in some of PageUp’s clients choosing to terminate their dealings with the company.

The above incident highlights why it is crucial that HRM systems are able to protect employee data. Unfortunately, SMEs often fail to understand the importance of safeguarding such sensitive information. In some cases, personnel files were stored in ring folders where they could be easily accessed, hence, increasing the risk of a data breach.

A top-quality HR system such as HRiQ by IQDynamics, allows you to keep personnel data safe. Our two-step control system, allows you to control and manage access to sensitive data. As a further layer of security, HRiQ encrypts sensitive information like bank accounts and salary details.


Ensuring business continuity

Business continuity planning or BCP is often overlooked by both HR professionals and business owners alike. Disasters like fire, floods, or even terrorist attacks can result in operations grinding to a halt. Many organizations may have pre-determined action plans to ensure the continuity of business operations. HR functions like payroll processing and personnel-related matters are usually overlooked.


It is a known fact that regardless of circumstances, employee payroll and tax are a non-negotiable matter. Should your organization be faced with a disaster such as a fire or even a critical system failure that causes a total loss of information, your HRM system has to be able to continue functioning in even the most adverse situations.


Being a web-based application means that HRiQ allows you to continue HR operations from anywhere. Along with this, employees will be able to view past payslips and submit e-IRAS forms for processing via IQDynamics’ own mobile app. Thus, with HRiQ, you can rest assured that critical HR operations can continue in any situation.


Reduce the HR department’s workload

Besides safeguarding employee data and ensuring the continuity of critical business operations, HRiQ also allows you to significantly cut down on your HR department’s workload. Oftentimes, HR professionals spend a significant amount of time filling and filing paperwork.


With HRiQ, all of this drudgery can be left behind. Thanks to our integrated HRIS module which eliminates the need for paperwork, personnel information can be input and stored in our system. From here, this data is processed and made available to your HR department as and when it is needed.


Along with this, reminders for tasks such as visa and work permit renewals are sent automatically to specified employees which further improves efficiency. Reduce redundancies with our self-service portal that allows employees to submit leave, claims, and requests for payslips all via their mobile phone.


Improving the employee experience

Every new employee will tell you that the first few days on the job are the most nerve-wracking. From learning on the job to ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is filled in, onboarding is definitely no fun. In the past, onboarding was a haphazard internal process that was both time-consuming and inefficient.


However, with HRiQ the onboarding process becomes a lot more efficient. The onboarding tab in our HRIS module possesses several functions that are specially designed to aid HR professionals. For example, new employee details can be quickly imported from the HRiQ™ recruitment module, thus saving time and reducing employee onboarding time.


Struggling to keep track of equipment issued to new employees? No worries as HRiQ also allows you to maintain a checklist of items issued to existing employees. Thus eliminating the risk of theft or stock loss.


Furthermore, HRiQ also features an offboarding module for dealing with departing employees. All information pertaining to an employee’s resignation/termination is stored for easy access along with a checklist of all returned company property. Also, HRiQ allows you to directly import payment information to the payroll module for quick reference.


At IQDynamics, we recognize the importance of having an effective HRM system. This is why, we have designed HRiQ to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. With more than 15 years of experience in HR management and software development, we have positioned ourselves to provide our clients with top-quality HR solutions.


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