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Performance Appraisal

Raise the Bar on Workforce Productivity with HRiQ™ Corporate Performance Appraisal Software

The perfect solution for organizations looking to streamline their performance management process. With HRiQ, you can easily set goals, track progress, and provide feedback to employees. It allows for customized appraisal forms, automated reminders, and real-time reporting, making the entire process more efficient and accurate. You can ensure that your employees are getting the feedback they need to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

HRiQ™ Performance Management System

The performance of an organization depends greatly on the performance of its workforce. Beginning with an accurate measurement of workforce performance, HRiQ assists with identifying your best talents to reward and those that require more guidance along the way.

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Design and Configure our Flexible Performance Appraisal Forms According to Organizational Needs

  • Achieve flexibility when it comes to designing and crafting your performance appraisal forms, with options such as drop-down selections, free-text sections, set goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track employee progress. Key values and behaviour factors sections can be included to ensure that employees are evaluated on their soft skills and company culture fit.
  • Easy to customize your review forms to fit your business needs, ensuring that your employees are being evaluated based on the metrics that matter most to your organization. With HRiQ, you can streamline your performance review process and provide your employees with the feedback they need to grow and succeed.
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360 Feedback Evaluations to Ensure Fair and Accurate Assessments

  • Facilitates both employee self-assessment and performance assessment from management, ensuring employees are evaluated fairly and accurately. Additionally, our pre-configured assessment workflow streamlines offline performance assessments, making it easier to manage and track.
  • Include 360 feedback evaluations, providing a more well-rounded view of your employees performance.
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Computerized Scoring System With Up to 4 Levels of Overall Score Moderation

  • Simplify the scoring process with an auto-computation system that takes into account individual and section weightages, ensuring that the scores are accurate and reflect each employee’s performance.
  • Allows up to four levels of overall score calibration and moderation, providing further customization of the scoring process. With our software, you can trust that your performance assessments are both efficient and accurate, providing valuable insights into employee performance.
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Maintain Salary Competitiveness by Computing Salary Increment According to Market Standards

  • A comprehensive solution for salary increment and bonus computation. Our platform computes salary revisions based on evaluated performance metrics, ensuring that employees are rewarded accurately. Additionally, our software compares recommended salary revisions to market standards, ensuring that your organization remains competitive in terms of compensation

Struggling to keep employees motivated? Unsure how to appraise your employees’ performance?

Set goals and provide feedback to employees with our customizable appraisal forms and real-time reporting. Ensure fair and accurate feedback with 360 feedback evaluations. Up to 4 levels of overall score moderation to ensure it accurately an fairly reflects each employee’s performance.

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