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Streamline and Bolster Your Online Leave Management System with Flexible Policy Controls And Statutory-Compliant Leave Software

Simplify leave management, boosts productivity and generate informative reports. Easily manage employee leave applications and approval with ease via the mobile app. Our module offers flexible policies and extensive parameters that are suitable for use in over 17 other countries, making it a perfect solution for multinational organizations. Plus, our flexible reporting feature provides multi-reporting levels with no limitations on cross-company reporting, ensuring that you always have access to the data you need.

HRiQ™ Leave Management System

Effectively manage leave administration and employee absenteeism with compliance to statutory requirements and company policies with our highly configurable Leave Management System

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Reduce Administrative Involvement through Mobility

Employees can self-manage their leave applications with ease, using HRiQ mobile app to apply for leave, receive approvals and notifications, and track their leave usage. It provides employees with greater control over their annual leaves while reducing the administrative process.

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Real-time Visibility of Organization-Wide Movements and Reporting

HRiQ provides management with detailed visibility of the team’s movements, enabling them to track their team’s productivity and leave usage. Monitor and gain insights into the team’s performance with advanced reporting tools, identify areas for improvement, and implement effective strategies to achieve goals.

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Achieve Productivity through Cross-Functions and Extensive Policies Verifications

  • Synchronize employee movements with attendance, training and development to streamline processes, reduce errors and improve data accuracy.
  • With flexible policies and extensive parameters that suit usage in over 17 countries, it can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs and ensure compliance with Singapore local regulations and laws.
  • Flexible reporting with up to 9 reporting levels and no limitations to cross-company reporting, enabling organizations to gain insights into their workforce’s performance and identify areas for improvement to achieve their business goals.
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Manage Employee Absence Without Compromising On Business Operations With Customized Leave Policy Controls And Eligibility

Manage organization leave system within a single suite with employee self-service portal. Set custom requirements and controls for bespoke leavel policy based on organization needs and manpower requirements without compormising on employee wellbeing.

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