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Track Your Workforce’s Potential and Craft HR Success with HRiQ Corporate Learning Development Platform

Our e-learning platform offers a comprehensive training and development approach with various courses and training programs that enhance employees’ skills and knowledge. It features customizable learning paths, real-time tracking and reporting, gamification, interactive quizzes, and social learning for a fun and effective learning experience. It’s scalable for onboarding new employees and ongoing training, improving engagement, and productivity, and helping organizations reach their business goals.

HRiQ™ Learning Management System

Identify skill gaps and ensure continual improvement of your learning development plans allowing for your employees and managers to provide post-training feedback.

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Easy Content Creation to Suit Your Organization Needs

  • Our platform offers easy content creation for interactive courses, assessments, videos, role-play lessons, and assignments. Design and customize learner processes such as product training, sales training, and compliance training, and ensure your employees have the knowledge and skills they need with a tailored learning experience.
  • Track learning progress in real-time and view reports, making it easy to monitor employee progress and track their performance. With our platform, you can ensure that your employees have the tools they need to succeed in their roles.
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Create an On-Brand and Interactive e-Learning Environment

Build a better HR brand by creating a custom organization-branded e-learning environment to host SCORM course materials. Our platform allows you to create interactive quizzes with completion time, a self-scoring system and customized quiz questions, keeping employees engaged in the learning process. You can track employees’ progress and performance, ensuring that they have the tools they need to succeed in their roles.

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Gamify Your Training Programs to Improve Engagement

  • Leverages gamification with leaderboards, badges, and certifications to engage employees and give them a sense of accomplishment. Organizations can create a fun and interactive learning environment that encourages employee participation, which improves employee retention rates.
  • Available as a mobile app as well, allowing employees to access learning materials on the go. We offer integration with external learning providers such as LinkedIn, Udemy, and Coursera, giving your employees access to a vast library of courses and materials.
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Looking to invest in your employees and foster a culture of continuous learning?

Personalize your employees’ learning and development experience. Identify key skills required for success. Create and design learning materials and courses tailored to employee needs. Improve employee engagement through gamification with leaderboards, badges. 

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