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Benefits of Cloud HRIS to Adopt in Singapore

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Cloud-based HRIS (Human Resource Integrated System) has been a well-accepted offering in the marketplace for the better half of this decade. On a literal basis, the term refers to Software as a Service (SaaS) for HRMS and there are many benefits to using a cloud HRIS if hosted with the right software provider.

The Singapore government has been providing grants to encourage organizations to automate time-consuming human resource management processes. This also includes implementing tools to assist in the strategic decision-making process at the management level.

These are some benefits of adopting a cloud-based HRIS (SaaS):

  • Cloud-based HRIS requires lower upfront hardware and software investment, and hence, can be adopted much faster than an on-premise system while costing significantly less.
  • Gain better control of security and accessibility into your HRMS to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by internal staff.
  • With a cloud-based HRIS, easily conduct regular backups of your critical HR data to enhance your protection against data disasters.

    Cloud HRIS
  • Certain Cloud HRIS Software providers might also provide an additional option of integrating disaster recovery services into your package to strengthen your business continuity plan.
    Related: IQ Dynamics provides end-to-end protection for all hosting customers. 
  • Infrastructure Security: The application is normally hosted with a highly secure and well-managed data center with good security management and certification e.g. ISO27001. 
  • Application Security: This depends on the HRMS SaaS provider and it is crucial that the applications are coded and maintained in robust and secure way to prevent and protect against intruders and hackers.


  • Regular patching of system software and good security practices to protect the application and systems against hackers or ransomware.
  • Lessen your vulnerability to Personal Data protection and confidentiality clause with sensitive data secure in the cloud HRIS.
  • Term commitment: one can change or stop using and paying should there be a change in the business environment.

Overall, organizations that have adopted a cloud HRIS (purchase the HRMS application software outright and host it with the application provider for a reasonable fee) should enjoy the majority of the above-mentioned benefits.

Some of the additional long-term benefits are:

  • The overall cost of using the hosted HRMS will be lower if it is used for longer than 3 years.
  • The flexibility of moving the HRMS and data in-house or to some other cloud hosting environment for whatever business reasons.

The sole disadvantage of hosting purchased HRMS will be the upfront cost of application software which is considered as capital expenditure by some organizations. However, it can be partially offset by current generous government grants for purchasing HRMS to automate.

In summary, cloud HRIS has come a long way and it is widely accepted. It is particularly suitable for large MNCs with local branches or subsidiaries that might have the resources to maintain a secure environment.

The recommendation is to examine the benefits for both SaaS and Hosted HRMS and check that your application service provider has put in place good practices and processes to ensure you continue to get the benefits. I.E. You could use the above points as a checklist and get the provider to show proof that the processes are in place in delivering the SaaS HRMS or hosted HRMS.

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