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Robust Transaction Vehicle for Flexible Benefit and Expense Claims Management Software

A powerful tool for large and multi-national organizations to streamline their claim management process. Able to handle comprehensive claim policies and complex rules handlings, making it easy for employees to submit claims for reimbursement. With pre-approval functionality, managers can quickly and easily approve claims, reducing processing time and ensuring timely reimbursement.

HRiQ™ Benefit and Expense Claims Management Software

Submit, track and approve employee benefit and expense claims in a breeze with HRiQ™ automated Claims Management System

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Convenient and Comprehensive Policies Handling with Automation of Claims Processing

  • Large and multi-national organizations can ensure that their claims are handled efficiently with HRiQ™ comprehensive policies and complex rules handling. Claims annual limits, monthly limits and co-sharing policies can be automated to effectively compute claim eligibility during claims submission.
  • Employees can submit and track their claims easily with claim submission and approvals via the mobile app or web portal.
  • Effortlessly manage overseas and travel claims with automatic currency conversion and streamlined digital claims submission
  • Handles overseas and travel claim policies with currency conversions managed automatically and in accordance with organization’s approved tolerance. Claimants such as entertainment, airfare, accommodation and per-diem can be streamlined within digital claims submission.
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Digitalize your Pre-approve Expenses and Easily Track any Balance Reimbursement

  • With the ability to get official approval electronically, organizations can handle the pre-requisition approval process before spending any approved expenses. Automate tracking of any advance requests to ensure that expenses are managed efficiently.
  • Organizations can better track and manage balance reimbursement from balance claims expenses. This can be integrated with claims processing to facilitate actual claims reimbursement administration, making the expense management process more efficient.

Multiple Spreadsheet Reporting, Lengthy Calculations For Tedious Benefits And Claims, Converting Multi Currency Exchange Rates?

Forget inefficient spreadsheet reporting and lengthy calculations for tedious benefit and claims management with a comprehensive HR solution that streamlines and centralized HR management by automating accounting processes, limits and policy tracking of complex benefits, and eliminating intensive expense management.

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