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How Talent Management Can Fill Your HRMS Needs

HRMS Needs

The importance of talent management is second to none. It envisions in training employees to accomplish more by recognizing their qualities and shortcomings. Committed to managing, developing, and retaining with aims of reevaluating potential in an employee to achieve more goals and objectives in their profession. It can be said that HRMS needs such as Talent Management are built with the purpose of bringing out the best form in an employee.

That is why companies should make the effort to effectively manage their employees to help develop their skills and capabilities in order to retain them. Here are some modules available in a Talent Management System.


1. Applicant Tracking System 

The idea of this function is to assist the organization and HR Professionals to document staffing requirements, resumes, and other relevant details. The system also enables users to collaborate with recruitment agencies, allowing them to input the profiles of potential candidates. From shortlisting potential candidates to scheduling interviews, ratings, onboarding, and beyond.


2. Learning Management System 

Apart from traditional HR software that does basic core HRMS needs and functions. Talent areas such as training plans and data of employees are managed, documented, tracked, and reported. LMS delivers consistent training and learning quality across all employees. Reports are easily generated to track the goal progress and knowledge gains of specific employees. With additional abilities to supervise the approval workflow required to register for learning courses, tracking other performance management and succession planning related data as well.


3. Performance Management System

From Setting goals to tracking progress and, reviewing and analyzing employee performance evaluations provide you with all the employee information in one place, assessing the performances against the KPIs assigned to the system. Users are also able to add automation to the appraisal processes through customized templates to collate individual performance feedback. These reports will then be analyzed to identify future training needs and promotional opportunities.


4. Succession Planning 

Managers can keep track, analyze, and appraise the performance of employees within the organization. As the heart of the talent management process, this feature distinguishes key roles and maps out methods to discover high-performing individuals with the right skill sets, capabilities, and experiences equipping them with the best chances of succeeding as company leaders months or years down the road. Developing top talent to take on these roles and challenges is essential to organizational success.


Organizations will not succeed in achieving their goal if they only rely on their infrastructure and technology. In fact, it is the people that will bring the organization to its next level of success. Hence, it is necessary to constantly plan for the talent requirements with an HR system that can meet the needs to be customized and upgraded in order to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions while building a strong brand image to attract the very best.

There are many powerful Talent Management tools out in the market, however, to find an integrated Talent Management System that comprises all the HRMS needs and tools might not be easy. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry IQ Dynamics’ HRiQ, brings together the best of both worlds, Core and Talent modules incorporated together. Get in touch with us today and experience the unprecedented benefits of our comprehensive Human Capital Management HR Software without having to switch between different software solutions for each specific HR function!

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