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Compliance Tracking

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Track and manage your organization’s compliance requirements

Manage employees’ compliance requirements with ease using HRiQ™ structured process of form automation based on your organization needs. Configure your compliance forms such as non-disclosure agreements, conflict-of-interest forms, and combine electronic forms with intelligence to be aware of which related forms employees are required to fill in depending on individual compliance needs.

HRiQ™ Compliance Tracking

Streamline processes with a structured and well-planned on-boarding processing while avoiding administrative nightmares with HRiQ™ Employee Compliance Tracking Software.

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Be Compliant with Organization Legal Requirements

  • Meet the legal and regulatory requirements with HRiQ™ compliance tracking. Implement a structured process of form automation based on your organization’s need, and track and record your employees’ compliances where required. Configure various compliance forms such as non-disclosure agreement and conflict of interest forms to help improve compliance tracking.
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Digitalize your Compliance Forms for Easy Reporting

  • The electronic form is able to inform employees of the related forms that are required depending on individual compliance needs. Management review reports can also be generated to provide an overview of the organization’s compliance status.

Finding It Tough To Stay Organized Yet Compliant To Organization Workflow Processes Yet Create Productive Workflow Solution To Keep All Forms In Check?

Stay compliant to regulatory requirements and manage a workflow process to automate your oorganization’s needs and track employees’ compliance when needed such as non-disclosure agreemnt, or any related forms within a single suite with the highest security configuration set.

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