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Talent Development

Identify and Enable Business Continuity through Identification of Talent for Succession Planning

Identify and nurture your top performers. Organizations can gain access to our full range of assessments and tools to help managers identify high-potential employees and their strengths, and areas for improvement and provide development opportunities to help them prepare for their role succession.

HRiQ™ Talent Development System

Utilizing the proven 9 Performance Grid Matrix, cultivate your own talent bench by assessing current employee’s potential at their job roles. Bring it one step further with integration to HRiQ™ other modules, bringing together your talent management activities all in one system.


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Identify High-Potential Employees for Succession Roles

  • HRiQ help businesses identify and develop high-potential employees through our talent assessment exercise, and help to develop individuals with the skills, knowledge and drive to succeed in leadership positions. Businesses can create a pipeline of talented individuals ready to take on new challenges and drive growth, achieving long-term success.
  • Using the 9-grid box methodology, the outcome of the potential rating will be mapped against the staff’s performance rating, allowing management to identify high-performance and high-potential individuals as well as those with low-potential and high-performance. This allows management to develop targeted talent development plans to ensure high-potential employees are given opportunities to succeed while retaining top performers.
Talent Development 1
Talent Development 2

Create a comprehensive succession planning process

  • HRiQ not only helps businesses identify high-potential employees but also offers a comprehensive succession planning process. Using the potential ratings derived from our talent assessment exercise, management can identify individuals who are best suited to succeed in certain key positions. Search for traits of individuals to find a compatible successor for key positions, ensuring a smooth transition to the new role. 
  • HRiQ assists in preparing the readiness of the identified successors. Assign key managers to be in charge of the employee’s timeline plan, including year-on-year performance assessment, training programs, and training plans, ensuring that high-potential employees are provided with the necessary support and resources to aid them in developing their skills and preparing them for leadership positions.

Need help identifying high potential employees?

With our full range of assessments and tools, you can easily identify high potential and high performance employees, and ensure that they are given opportunities to succeed. Create comprehensive succession plans that ensure employees have a smooth role transition. 

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