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The Right Talent Management System Can Boost Your Employee’s Productivity

Employees are the foundation for every organization and their happiness and productivity are crucial areas for employers to monitor.  How can this be accomplished in an efficient manner though?  Hiring a team of people to manage and quantify the results is not very practical by today’s standards.

Cloud Talent Management System

The most efficient use of time and technology is the use of a powerful HRMS / Talent Management System such as HRiQ  Human Capital Management Solution.  It allows organizations to keep a handle on various areas of cloud talent management systems such as Appraisals, Learning Development, Recruiting, Talent Assessment and Succession Planning.


1. Learning and Development

This is an area where companies need to have an established plan in place.  A majority of professionals have aspirations to get from where they are to another role in a more senior position.

In order for this to happen, they will have to acquire new skills and polish their existing ones.  Some of these skills will be task-oriented and the rest will be more strategy-based, especially in senior leadership roles.

learning management system within a cloud talent management system ecosystem ensures that the necessary training is completed successfully and in a timely manner.  This consistency is great for the employees going through the training and even more so for the companies who are administering it.  Continual learning goes a long way in building and maintaining morale, confidence and overall satisfaction with the employee.

A company will get out of its people exactly what it puts into them.  An investment in your employees will yield productivity results from them, many times over, with their productivity and engagement.


2. Employee Performance Appraisals

A key component to keeping employees engaged and developing, as they make the journey through their career.

A robust performance appraisal management system ensures that employees receive regular, documented feedback from their managers.  Everyone likes to know that they are contributing to something larger than themselves and they also have a desire to know how they are doing.

An employee performance appraisal does ensure that feedback and progress are communicated, whether good, bad or indifferent. It also creates a consistent process and allows the company to monitor trends and keep a pulse on the level of employee engagement.


3. Recruitment

An ongoing need that all companies have and the rule is that you should never stop searching for top talent.

This is true because you cannot foresee employee turnover or new opportunities that may open in your organization.  A good succession plan depends on recruiting efforts to get the right people into the company, to begin with.  Building a recruiting pipeline comes with a list of significant challenges that demand precise record-keeping and total visibility of candidate demographics.  There are legal requirements for this and there is a need to monitor the progress of candidates in the journey through all phases of the recruiting process.

An effective and responsive recruitment solution (also known as applicant tracking software) will help you identify the candidates best suited for the roles that you seek to fill. Identify the ones who can best fill not only your talent pipeline plan, but also candidates who can fit in with your company culture, remain engaged, and believe in travelling the long run with you.


4. Talent Assessment

When trying to properly assess the skills and talents of your current employees, resumes and interviews only give you part of the story.  A talent management solution will give you a mechanism to assess the skills and talents of each and every employee that you have.  This is crucial information for appraisals, learning development and even for succession planning.  It will also point out areas of weakness that may exist in your organization so that you can finely tune your recruiting efforts.

Since a team can only be as strong as its weakest link, it’s really helpful to know where you stand in comparison to your competitors and to your long-range goals and to decide if a complete cloud talent management system should be implemented.


5. Succession Planning

A crucial component for the most successful organizations, as they will always have their eyes on the future and how it will look like, for both organization and employee.

A succession management software to manage this lets you develop a plan for future skills needed for roles, as well as develop individuals who are currently in your company who may occupy these roles.  Employees with upward mobility require carefully planned training, mentoring and development by your company’s current leaders.  The more detailed and carefully managed this process is, the better.

If employees do not see a clear upward path for them to work towards, they are more likely to seek out other options for their future.  The most efficient path is to recruit the right people into your company and have a career path available for them.  This will offer you a great advantage in your succession planning efforts.

HRiQ cloud talent management system also known as HRiQ Talent truly an asset and a partner in the success of a company’s future.  With the crucial modules in the areas of Appraisal, Learning Development, Recruitment Portal, Talent Assessment and Succession Planning, it offers something valuable for all stages of the employee life-cycle.

At each phase that your employees will go through, there is a real opportunity to increase their engagement and overall productivity.  Investing in your people is the best investment that you can ever make for your company today and for the future.

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