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The Top 8 Benefits of a HRIS Applicant Tracking System For A HR Team

When you use an HRIS Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you make it possible to file, manage, and share all the information you have about an employee in the same place.

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From helping your department determine recruitment needs to charting the onboarding and training of the employee, all the way to promotions, leadership, and succession planning, a strong ATS charts the entire narrative of an employee within your organization.

Since talent is the most important asset any organization can ever have, this intuitive and comprehensive tracking process can have numerous far-reaching benefits for your business. Here are the biggest eight advantages to be yielded from adopting an HRIS applicant tracking system such as HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution.



It helps to streamline your recruiting process: Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees can be an expensive and stressful process in the best situations. An ATS or integrated talent management system streamlines the process by identifying talent gaps in your organization, foreseeing the types of job roles your organization will have to fill, simplifying the posting of jobs, and automatically sorting and filtering applications to find the best prospects. HRiQ can even help with scheduling interviews, cutting down on much of the headaches that usually come with recruiting and screening new applicants.



It helps to track the performance of employees: Once you’ve recruited and hired your talent, you shouldn’t lose track of their progress. A strategic HR management program like HRIQ helps to monitor and appraise the performance of all employees, making it easier for managers to praise employees for their good work while also identifying areas for improvement. Engage your talent by using performance metrics to set goals, or keep them motivated by arranging compensation boosts and bonuses for when those targets are met. These processing strategies will help to make your employees feel valued, fulfilled, and challenged at work—all factors that are important for long-term talent retention.


Employee Development

It helps you develop your employees: Pushing your employees to meet new performance goals is one way to make them feel engaged. Another is to promote career growth, development and education within your organization. HRiQ can help you to identify core skills and competencies that, if developed, would benefit both the employees at your organization and your company’s bottom line. In turn, the system aids employees in scheduling courses, certifications, conferences, and other educational opportunities to aid in their long-term professional development.


Succession Planning

It helps you plan for succession: When you are first hiring new employees, you might not be thinking about their potential for management or leadership positions. However, organizations are constantly evolving organisms, and today’s new hire could well be tomorrow’s CEO.   Recruitment software helps you to track talent through your organization and identify candidates for leadership positions. Planning for succession means planning for the future of your organization, which is vital for long-term growth, success, and sustainability.


HR Administration

It simplifies administration tasks: HR departments are repeatedly inundated with payroll problems, requests for vacation and leave, expenses and benefit claims to process, and a range of other menial administrative tasks. HRiQ, in addition to helping your department navigate the talent management process, also provides tools to track payroll, leave time, expenses, benefits, overtime hours, scheduling, and attendance for each individual employee—all in one place. In short, this ATS streamlines the entire HR administrative process—freeing up time for your department to focus on more long-term strategic planning.


Anywhere Access to HRMS

It is accessible from anywhere: One of the problems with maintaining a disorganized mess of employee files in physical form is that you have to be at the office to review the information. With the HRiQ recruitment software, you can access information about your employees from anywhere—be it a laptop or a mobile device. This on-the-go accessibility helps you make quick and informed decisions about hiring, promotions, succession, compensation increases, and more—all without actually being in the office.


Employee Retention

It reduces employee turnover: Employee turnover is not cheap. Recruitment costs, interviewing costs, and training costs are all considerable—and that’s before you even think about lost productivity, lowered office morale, and the thinning of your succession pool. By helping your organization manage its Human Capital, boost employee engagement, and promote professional development and growth, HRiQ makes it easier to develop a stellar company culture—in turn, reducing employee turnover and the costs that come with it.



It helps managers and leaders objectively judge their own performances: A strong piece of HR software provides ongoing performance metrics not just for lower-down employees, but for managers and leaders as well. HRiQ provides tools to help leaders within your organization obtain feedback on their performance from peers and subordinates alike. This anonymous process gives managers the information they need to better their leadership and improve the organization from the top down.

When implemented correctly, an HRIS applicant tracking system can increase the efficiency of your HR department and improve your organization’s talent management strategies on every single level. Both of these factors can greatly impact company growth and revenue and will yield rewards that far outstrip what you invest in purchasing and setting up your integrated talent management system. Click here to learn more about the HRiQ recruitment software and the benefits it can have for your organization.

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