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At iqDynamics, we recognize that customers will derive the full benefits of their investment if we provide the complete services to take advantage of the software. It takes more than just great software. Professional Services, Support Services and IT Managed Services help end-users benefit from the software effectively and assures them of future enhancements when the business environment changes. HR Outsourcing Service will provide the objectives of minimal investment in hardware, software and IT or HR personnel yet producing the same results while you focus on strategic HR functions.


We place high importance with our on-going customer support care services to deliver the utmost quality service to solve all your queries.

  • Support Services

    Customer Support after-the-implementation is a major part of success of information systems implementation. We place a huge importance to the on-going support services to the clients using our solutions. With our solid commitment to providing our customers the care they need and enhanced services to make their jobs firmly in hand, we take customer support to task.

  • Our Customer Care Program provides flexible, friendly, and uniquely focused solutions, including emergency support. Our support services are offered for the various products and solutions we have implemented to our clients.Our support services include an extensive support service level agreement report on our performance of response and resolution made to our customers. iqDynamics place extensive focus and transparency in the support we provide for our customers.We also provide support services to our customers for the development projects we have done for them.
  • Our support comes in various forms, such as:
    • User Support via email, fax, telephone
    • Technical Support via email, fax, telephone, internet
    • Remote Support via various means of communication
    • Onsite Support
    • Online Support
  • Support Online

    iqDynamics Support Online is an online customer support mechanism designed to support existing customers in a timely manner and to ensure follow-up action.

    • Tracks the response/action for each support request
    • Centralizes and shares the details of the support requests from the same source
    • Provides the up-to-date list of support requests as and when needed
    • Improves customer service with a better way of controlling and monitoring the support request raised

    iqDynamics has a pre-defined set of rules, forms, process and procedure for providing support to the customers and with this process in place, we are proud to achieve the necessary customer satisfaction. With necessary tracking & escalation process in place, the client can be rest assured that their support calls would be attended to in proper channel and time.

    We offer several maintenance & support packages giving the customers the choice to decide on the necessary package depending on their needs.

  • For Existing Customers

    If you are an existing customer, please contact our Customer Support Hotline at 68714371.

    The Customer Support Login page can be found on the top right corner of the website or click here to access the support page.

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