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HRiQ™ Human Capital
Management Solution

HRiQ delivers an enterprise-grade experience for effective employee management, it is packed with a comprehensive suite of HR functions & features to assist HR employees in easily managing a large group of the workforce without overcomplicating their daily essential transactions.

HRiQ™ Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

HRiQ™ Human Resource Software allows you to get a multi-faceted view on every employee while managing complex policies from top-down perspective.

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Design And Build Your Employee’s 
Profile According To Your 
Organization Needs

HRiQ’s HR platform offers extensive customization to build employee profiles based on your organization’s specific needs, allowing the HR team to create unlimited unique data fields for use cases such as special projects, COVID-19 vaccination status, and speciality courses.

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An Enterprise Employee’s 
Self-Service Portal

HRiQ’s self-service feature allows employees to access essential HR documents such as handbooks and policies, allowing them to stay updated with any organization updates. Update personal information, view and request letters such as employment verification or access pay slips without HR’s assistance.

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Accelerate Growth And Productivity
For The HR Team

Improve the efficiency of your HR team with HRiQ™ HR software system, mass e-letter generation and optional e-signature capabilities. Combined with a centralized platform for managing offboarding employees, ensuring that compensations and outstanding bonds are accurately calculated before an employee offboards.

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Engage Employees And Provide
Management Insights

HRiQ’s HR software sokution can help engage employees by generating an employee satisfaction survey to gather employee feedback. Management can gauge employee satisfaction and gain valuable insights that can improve workforce efficiency through the survey. Have access to team data and employee analysis reports in real-time to identify areas that require improvement and develop strategies.

Streamline HR Administration with Our Comprehensive HR System & Turn Raw Data Into Compelling Reports Set For Success

The best HR software for enterprises! Access comprehensive employee information on an intuitive dashboard, allowing your HR teams to stay on top of diverse administrative processes and streamline HR management. Integrated with a powerful dashboard report builder to produce insights for high-level management measurement.

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