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Benefits of a Structured Onboarding System


Onboarding is one of the most critical yet overlooked business functions. It is the process of integrating employees into the organization and preparing them for their new roles.

However, more often than not employee onboarding has a tendency to become a mire of administrative tasks and paperwork as most organizations tend to underestimate its value.

In this article, IQ Dynamics takes a look at why a structured onboarding system is an excellent investment for any organization. If you’re still on the fence about implementing a strategize onboarding method, you may explore our curated onboarding strategies developed for HR professionals.


Creating a Positive Employee Experience

A well-designed onboarding system equips employees with everything they need to settle into their new position. 

This includes an introduction to the organization’s work culture, SOPs, and an introduction to their colleagues. All of this goes a long way toward creating a positive employee experience – something especially critical in today’s competitive world.

Anyone who’s held a job before this will know that the first days of starting a new job are some of the worst. Experienced employees are usually too busy with their own tasks to guide a new employee while HR professionals are equally burdened.

From the perspective of an HR manager, successful onboarding is important because it leaves new joiners with a positive impression of the company. Thus helping the new joiner overcome any anxieties that he/she may have during the early days.


Automating Laborious Tasks

A large part of the employee onboarding process includes the filing of paperwork and the documentation of employee information.

Most of these processes are largely manual and can be extremely time-consuming. It should also be noted that the repetitive nature of such work will lead to the occurrence of human errors. Which would require rework and waste even more time.

Thankfully a solution exists in the form of automation where highly laborious and repetitive tasks can be completed without the need for human intervention.

IQDynamics has developed an Integrated Human Capital Management Solution that allows organizations to automate a wide variety of HR processes

This includes tasks related to employee onboarding such as data entry. Hence allowing HR professionals to automate and standardize their employee onboarding process.

All of this goes a long way toward reducing rework, improving efficiency, and giving new employees a much smoother onboarding.


Better Employee Learning

When a new employee joins the organization, he/she is a largely unknown quantity – any skills/talents that they have remain to be seen. Most of what is known about said employee has been garnered through interviews and the employee’s resume.

This is where a solid onboarding process comes into its own. A structured onboarding process will be able to give employees a sense of their new role within the organization.

It is also an ideal opportunity for hiring managers and HR professionals to gauge where a new joiner’s strengths and weaknesses lie. 

When combined with IQDynamics’ integrated HCM software, a structured onboarding system allows HR professionals and business leaders to design a better talent development system for the new employee. 

Matching the skillsets of employees with the right learning package ensures that the organization’s members are trained to the highest standards.

As an added plus, providing employees with top-tier training also acts as an incentive for employees to remain with an organization. In such a competitive environment, high-performing employees are sure to be on the lookout for opportunities for self-improvement.


Better Productivity

Stepping into a new role can be tough for even the most experienced hires. More often than not, a new joiner’s first days are spent trying to catch up with everything there is to learn. And that is why, incorporating crucial information related to their new role is especially important.

By working together with key business leaders, HR professionals can design an onboarding pack that showcases employee expectations and KPIs. Thus, helping new employees get a feel for their new role whilst speeding up their integration.

In the long term, this will certainly improve productivity and reduce the burden on existing team members.

Employee onboarding may not be one of the most visible or glamorous business processes – but it certainly is one of the most important. Whether it’s better productivity or improved employee learning, there are plenty of benefits to investing in a well-structured onboarding system.

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