Understanding the Appraisal Process: Bringing you through the Steps

By Benjamin Lee for iqDynamics

As any HR professional or business owner will have you know, measuring an employee’s performance or KPI can be a daunting task. In fact, performance measurement and management can oftentimes be a contentious issue with employee and it is not unknown for employees to become toxic or even hostile as a result of a poorly managed performance review.

Thus we at IQDynamics have put together a simple guide that is intended to showcase some of the simplest yet most effective performance measurement techniques that will help you get the best out of your employees.


Continual data recording

An employee’s appraisal needs to be fair and free from bias of any kind in order to be truly effective. Reviewers need to be given access to all relevant information with regards to an employee’s past and current performance in order to come to a truly informed decision.
Unfortunately, this is not often the case with many organization with employee performance reviews being treated as a mere formality that is to be rushed through before the year ends. Consequently, this will mean that top performing, reliable employees may not necessarily be recognized whereas no corrective action is taken to help underperforming staff.

To counteract this problem, HR professionals should maintain daily records of their employee’s daily performance. This allows the employee’s performance for the entire year to be observed and analyzed. For example, a sudden drop in performance can be investigated and rectified whereas improvements in performance can be rewarded.

Conducting reviews more frequently

Traditionally, employee performance reviews are performed once a year and then shelved again until the next review process comes along. This method often leaves plenty of information gaps and discourages managers from following up with employees. Along with this, achievements and setbacks can fall through the cracks and neither positive reinforcement or corrective action can be taken.
Instead of meeting up with employees at the end of the year to discuss his/her performance, arranging monthly or quarterly review sessions where feedback can be provided are much more preferable.

While this may seem like a headache for managers and HR professionals alike, the results can be surprising. A Workboard survey determined that 72 percent of employees agreed that continual feedback was a key factor in improving their performance.

By conducting regular meetings to keep track of failures and successes, managers can achieve a higher level of employee engagement which in turn will go a long  way in reducing employee turnover while improving job satisfaction.

Creating solutions not problems

Employees or people in general work best when they are provided with a clear and concise understanding of their goals and objectives. Thus this is why it is crucial that an organization’s performance appraisal system is not only able to identify issues and challenges faced by employees but is also capable of developing solutions to these problems.

As anyone who has ever held a job can attest to; nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a problem that cannot be solved. The same concept applies for an organization’s employee appraisal process; identifying issues are all well and good, but is the organization able to  provide a solution for the challenge at hand.
Instead of penalizing employees for mistakes and other shortfalls, the HR department should instead work together with said employee to overcome these challenges and improve his/her performance. This does not mean that employee’s should be coddled every step of the way but instead, employees should be provided with the information and training that they need in order to improve themselves.

On the long-term, the organization will be able to develop a core of highly-skilled and motivated problem solvers who are focused on continuous improvement. This will ensure that the organization can remain competitive and relevant in today’s hyper-competitive world.

The performance appraisal process can be a winding road fraught with peril. However, we at IQDynamics have developed a highly customizable, user-friendly software that helps HR professionals and business owners better manage the performance of their employees. To learn more, head on over to our website www.iqdynamics.com to learn more about how we can help you.

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