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Transforming with a comprehensive HCM Suite

comprehensive HCM Suite

It has been reported majority of HR professionals spend almost 73% of their time on manual repetitive administrative paperwork. They exhaust almost ten times the amount of time that is required for low-priority tasks.

Here comes the question, is it possible to resolve the time crunch issue of HR professionals?

HR professionals tend to exhaust almost ten times the amount of time that is required for low-priority tasks dedicating all this time to tedious management tasks and repetitive administrative processes. These tasks include administering personnel management, payroll, ensuring government compliance, and answering to employees’ questions, the list never ends. But what HR professionals really want to spend their time doing is developing strategic initiatives that contribute to the company’s overall success, like creating succession plans and designing completive compensation and benefits plans with a comprehensive HCM Suite.

A simple solution for this comes in the form of an HRMS, but more importantly, adopting the right HRMS. The implementation of effective HR software guarantees an increase in productivity and efficiency generating a positive impact on the business.


Eliminate confirmation needs of information across multiple avenues

Employees are often bogged down while pending confirmations from the HR team or searching for information that can only be accessed through a particular personnel’s computer.

IQ Dynamics looks to deliver comprehensive HCM suite software to automate and maximize the efficiency of HR professionals. We aim to assist you and your Human Resource team in achieving the highest level of productivity through the automation of daily HR admin tasks, leaving you and your HR team more time for your strategic role in the company. With files digitally stored in a single, central repository, HR professionals at different locations can now easily access the required documents without having to wait for the person who holds the access rights.


Integration of core and talent modules

Successful organizations look to cultivate and retain top talent while shaping the organization’s strategy and reaching its business goals. While many companies have a comprehensive HCM suite system they tend to ignore the importance of adopting a talent management solution that aligns closely with their strategic needs. It is also extremely time-consuming for HR professionals to keep track of everything, from recruiting to employee development, career planning, and many more; HR professionals can do one of these things well but not necessarily when aligned together.

At IQ Dynamics, it is believed that the HR process consists of both core and talent management. HRiQ™ Talent Management System brings together the best tools to master every stage of the talent life cycle, we look to maximize the efficiency and streamline the recruiting, management, and development of each employee, nurturing their growth and development and managing the succession. Providing useful analytics and feedback to help management identify which employees are excelling and those that need more attention and development is one of the most important principles of talent management.


Comply with corporate compliance

There are frequent changes to the numerous laws and regulations organizations also have legal obligations to fulfill in order to keep the business up and running while avoiding penalties. Keeping up and ensuring compliance is no easy task for any HR Professional yet it is the most valuable and practical benefit to realize.

IQ Dynamics HRiQ system provides a single seamless enterprise-grade HRMS ensuring that your organization is compliant with government regulations (e.g. Payroll tax compliance and MOM’s overtime regulation), as well as corporate compliance modules to enforce internal corporate policies (e.g. Conflict of interest, Declaration of bankruptcy). The corporate compliance management module in a comprehensive HCM suite makes the process of compiling information and reports less time-consuming.


Powerful as a single system or integrated together, set a new standard of good HR practice in your organization with HRiQ today. If you are interested in exploring greater possibilities with IQ Dynamics, get in touch with us!

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