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Three Benefits of Effective HR Management

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In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and effectiveness have become the name of the game. As can be seen from this Jobstreet article, effective HR management can and will improve the efficiency of an organization in a number of surprising ways.

It goes without saying that employees are the greatest asset that an organization has and when properly motivated and directed, they can go on to do amazing things. As an example, take a look at Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail who famously attributed his success to Google’s 20% time rule.

Unfortunately, many HR professionals and managers fail to recognize this. Hence, in this article, we will take a leaf out of Jobstreet’s book by discussing how your HR department can work together with you to improve productivity..


Improve employee engagement through feedback

Contrary to what others may think, the key to a successful company lies in the hearts and minds of its employees. Studies have shown, that employees who are motivated and aligned with the goals of their organization are more productive and have a lower rate of turnover in the long run. As an HR professional or leader, you have a responsibility to ensure that your employees are kept engaged and happy during their tenure in your organization.


One of the simplest yet most effective ways of doing so is by sitting down with your employees and working together with them to set a range of achievable targets and goals for a set period of time i.e. monthly or quarterly. Working forward, these targets can then be used as a benchmark to monitor the performance of said employees while also allowing you to provide them with continuous feedback on their performance.


In stark contrast to the more traditional annual or bi-annual KPI approach, providing employees with feedback consistently allows you to provide constructive feedback to employees more easily. This has the benefit of allowing you to curb negative behaviors while also recognizing and rewarding employees for their abilities.


While many managers may argue that such an approach is both time-consuming and tedious, studies have shown that providing employees with consistent and constructive feedback has a positive effect on employee engagement which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.


Forget traditional filing methods

Anyone who has ever worked in Human Resources can easily tell you that 40% of the job consists of listening to people and solving problems while the other 60% deals with mountains of paperwork. From various manuals and policy books to employee details, it goes without saying that paperwork is second nature for any HR professional.


Even in today’s digital age, one should not be surprised to discover that plenty of organizations are still very much reliant on paper filing methods for reasons that can range from a simple distrust of computers to outright ignorance. Besides being a fire hazard, traditional paper-based filing systems are time-consuming and messy at best with time often wasted searching for and retrieving documents.


Instead of relying on mountains of paper, at IQDynamics we offer our clients a comprehensive HR management system that allows you to store all personnel-related information safely and securely. Our system allows HR professionals to access all pertinent information with just a mouse click.


Encourage open lines of communication 

As the adage goes, it takes two hands to clap for any relationship to work and the relationship between an organization and its employees is no different. In order to keep employees engaged and motivated, HR professionals have a particularly important role to play by facilitating open lines of communication between both employees and the organization’s leadership team.


As can be seen from MNCs such as FedEx and Sainsbury’s, organizations with a dynamic, high-performing workforce tend to encourage their employees to speak up and be direct should they face any problems in the workplace. Thus, an organization’s HR department should practice an open-door policy that would encourage employees to approach their designated HR representatives should they have any issues.


This approach ensures that problems and difficulties faced by employees can be dealt with proactively in order to head off any potential problems in the future. In the long-term, this has the benefit of reducing employee turnover as well as improving general staff morale, all of which can and will contribute to higher productivity and efficiency.


Unfortunately, HR management and its affiliated solutions have often been overlooked by managers and business owners. However, as studies have often shown, effective HR management has proven to be a key success factor on many occasions. This is why, we at IQDynamics have designed our HRMS software to help you give your business an advantage in today’s competitive world.

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