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We’ve Relocated & Rebranded!

IQ Dynamics Rebrand

You may have noticed that we gave our brand a facelift in recent years. We’re excited to unveil our new corporate look and we want to tell you all about it!

Why the change?

We’ve come a long way since we were founded in 1994. We are thankful and blessed to our supportive customers and partners that have resulted in our tremendous growth over the years. As the company progresses, our product and people capabilities have evolved. We felt the former corporate logo and image required a change to represent who we are today.

IQ Dynamics HR Talent Software

Our office move

We are excited to share some exciting news with you!

Effective 1st June 2022, we will be relocated to a brand-new office space at 351 Braddell!

Our new office address will be at 351 Braddell Road #04-04 Singapore 579713.

Our office is re-located to a high-tech, smart business park development, with our workspace designed and created to better facilitate the entire team’s communication in an effective working compound that includes an open adjacent area for refreshments, informal open meetings, and end-of-day leisure and relaxation.

IQ Dynamics Rebrand Office

Rebranding and Image  

Our move marks also the launch of our brand-new corporate identity. Our new image reflects a forward-looking company working in a dynamic business environment, better representing the strength of our HRiQ product and the commitment to our people and stakeholders.

The new vibrant brand colors signify our continuous growth and commitment to our services, care, and passion in building an even better and richer product embedding key technologies in a warmth, cheerful and a positive environment.

Logo33 1024x331 1

Representations and Visions

Our brand-new coat and identity shout for brand synergy with our Flagship solution – HRiQ.

Blue >> Continuous sophistication, stability, and confidence

Yellow >> Positivity, Care and Joy

Grey >> Reliability and Maturity

Our team at IQ Dynamics strives to continuously perform market research, technology advancements, and domain understanding on effective strategy to assist HR and Talent Development communities to effectively manage their tasks and efficiently handle complex scenarios common in large enterprises.

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