iqDynamics Supports the WorkPro Programme

We will be participating in the WorkPro Programme supporting the scheme to attract and retain back-to-work locals and mature workers.

iqDynamics, together with our subsidiary company, I-Net Dynamics, will be supporting the WorkPro Programme.

The WorkPro programme is jointly developed by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to augment local manpower, enhance workplace harmony, foster progressive workplaces and strengthen the Singapore core in the workforce.

Employees wil benefit from the good work-life practices that WorkPro helps to put in place. What’s more, as a mature employee, economically inactive person, or if you are out of work for 3 months or more, WorkPro helps individuals become more job-ready and employable.

We have been in the HR software solution market for a long time and as such, iqDynamics is strongly aware of the significance of supporting and promoting good work practices in workplaces. We plan to put better recruitment practices in place, and hope that our employees also benefit from better work arrangements.” says Mr Lim Say Ping, director and co-founder of iqDynamics.

Read more about how the WorkPro programme can benefit employees and individuals.

Enjoy a fulfilling career at iqDynamics and I-Net Dynamics.

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