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HRiQ releases Core HRMS Mobile Application

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As a promise to strive for more secure, convenient access to our HRMS software, we have recently released mobile applications for our Leave software and Payroll Software modules!

With a mobile application for these modules, employees need not sign in through a web-page and can directly access their payslips and leave application process through the app.

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Through the payroll function on the mobile app, employees can view their monthly payslip with a full breakdown of allowances and reimbursements made for that month. They will also be able to view past records, which lessens the overall workload of your HR staff.

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Our Leave software mobile app allows each employee to view a summary of their remaining annual and sick leave and apply leave through the app, which allows for a more secure and convenient login to the system, forgoing the need to log in via a webpage.

In the coming year, we have intentions to continue developing the rest of our applications for other modules to continue making your HR processes more efficient and effective for your team.

If you are keen to explore a comprehensive and integrated HRMS system that enhances your HR processes, contact us here.

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