HRiQ HRMS Moves to Microsoft Azure

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HRiQ has recently completed its move to Microsoft Azure and we would like to share some benefits that , you, our customers or potential customers will enjoy from this.


  • As one of the top cloud leaders in the world, Microsoft Azure allows for us to provide an increased level readiness for our Saas customers.
    • Capitalizing on Microsoft Azure’s available infrastructure on real-time mirroring of application will greatly protect your organisation’s data in case of data disasters and avoid unscheduled downtime.


  • Being one of the market leaders in the world, Singapore holds high market standards on when it comes to security compliance, and utilizing Microsoft Azure, we are able to adhere to a Tier 3 Multi-tier cloud security standard for Singapore according to MAS and ABD standards
  • This means that your data is being protected on the same standard as leading global markets.


  • Added Security Protection Measures for data hosted for our software. 
    • Migrating to Microsoft Azure adds an additional layer of security on top of our existing firewall protection and IP firewall.


  • Enhancing Performance Scalability
    • Being on Microsoft Azure greatly enhances the performance of our servers and in turn, the performance of our software for our Saas customers.

We hope that our existing Saas customers enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Azure and if any of our on-premise customers have thoughts on moving onto a cloud hosting platform or have any cloud hosting requirements, our partner I-Net Dynamics will be able to assist you, contact us here today.


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