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How to start the HR transformation journey: IQ Dynamics Feature

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While manual entry can be time-consuming, a lot of companies feel comfortable using a manual system that they are very familiarized with. However, for a company to grow, there are certain processes that have to be automated for the advantage of efficiently and elimination of human error.

So now you have decided to take on an automated system but where do you start? Read on for the insightful interview from HRD Online and gain insightful knowledge into questions like should I get a single module and build up or delve into a integrated HRMS at once?

Written by Nurhuda Syed for HRD Online

HR departments across Singapore may be at varying stages of the transformation journey but getting tips before you get that first tech may make all the difference in implementing the right system.

We spoke with Regine Chua, sales manager at IQ Dynamics to get her take on how to ensure an effective transformation journey

HRD: How can HR leaders avoid underutilising HR tech products and prevent the risk of losing business leaders’ trust and future buy-ins on tech investment? What can they focus on to determine which products can best meet the organisation’s needs to maximise ROI?

RC: HR leaders should first look at the existing challenges that their HR team is facing and areas of improvement that can be adopted through the implementation of HR tech products.

They should be looking at both short-term and long-term business goals and identifying how they can value add to the people supporting its business to meet these goals.

It is important for HR leaders to carefully select a product that can address and solve its current challenges as well as future requirements in order to maximise its ROI.

HRD: Should HR dive in and buy a full suite of products or buy separate products and integrate it with their existing system? What are the risks and opportunities associated with each option?

RC: It is imperative that the selected suite of products have the full capabilities to meet both the current needs as well as future plans of the HR department.

Looking at future plans realistically will help make a decision based on the needs and prioritisation of initiatives of HR; and on a wider scale, the company.

The readiness of the organisation and its people are equally important and plays a huge role in whether or not the implementation of the HR tech product can be a success.

Readiness of the organisation refers to whether the processes and resources in place are readily available to support the use of the HR tech product.

After the readiness assessment, the HR leader can then determine if going for a full-scale implementation or a modular scalable approach will be a better option.

The downside of purchasing individual products to be integrated at a later time are difficulty in achieving real time data, various point of contacts to liaise and troubleshoot, higher cost of integration and test efforts and efforts to upkeep an unified database.

HRD: As many in HR may not have the luxury of an internal IT team, some have called upon service providers to step up and take charge of bug-fixing and/or upgrades post-rollout. What are your thoughts on this? What can HR do to immediately remedy a bug/issue with a product while awaiting expert support?

RC: There is no hard and fast rule on this. While it is ideal, today’s business environment does not provide that kind of luxury and, hence, the need for outsourcing.

This then follows that HR professionals are increasingly required to be knowledgeable on HR tech products so that they can understand first-hand the problems that they are experiencing and can assist as well as manage the service providers in solving the issues.

A good relationship with the service provider is important, such that when problems do arise, the right diagnostic information can be quickly conveyed to the service provider for a timely resolution.

If you are interested in finding out how our IQ Dynamics HRMS and Talent Management system can assist you in automation of your workflows, contact us here. 

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