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Announcing HRiQ™ Latest Version 6.1

We are excited to announce the release of HRiQ™ latest version 6.1! With this new and enahnced version of our proprietary HRMS and Talent Management software, we bring to you many new features and updated functions to create a software that brings more to you and your team.

Here are some highlights of Version 6.1!

Compliance With Any Browser

HRiQ is now compatible with any browser! Access HRiQ with any of your favorite browsers and still enjoy the same smooth HRiQ experience.

Enhanced Navigation Experience with New UI

Enjoy our refreshed UI and increase efficiency with  a more intuitive navigation experience within our application!

New Compliance Management Module

Our new compliance management module allows you and your team to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies by pushing forms to relevant employees and tracking signed declarations. This prevents any potential conflicts of interest.

New Mobile Applications! – Payroll, Leave, Claims

With our new mobile applications, forget about the physical limitations of a timeclock or desktop! Employees can now gain access to their payroll information, apply for leave and put in claim forms with attachments! Additionally, our mobile applications allows work-site supervisors to take on-site attendance with GPS-tracking for verification.

360° Appraisal Feedback Loop

HRiQ Version 6.1 highlights our 360°  appraisal function which allows for subordinates, peer,supervisor, as well as a self-evaluation giving you the option to additional variables for consideration.

Journaling Function for Appraisal

To add an extra dimension to your appraisals, we have added a journaling function to allow for appraisers to input qualitative comments about the employee in their file throughout the year. This is tagged to the employee’s file and will be visible during the appraisal process.

Pre-travel Requisition Forms

This feature allows employees to request for a travel budget in advance for travel. If approved, the requisition form will be tagged to the claim made after travel as additional information.

If you are keen to see how HRiQ Version 6.1 adds to your current arsenal of HR tools, contact us here.

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