Managing HR’s Core Roles Vs Talent Management Roles

In a recent study conducted in the APAC Region, it was concluded that by 75% of the C-Suite leaders in Singapore believed that Singapore would be hardest hit by talent shortages in the next three years as compared to 61% of C-Suite leaders in the APAC region. These C-Suite Leaders had the opinion that in their own organizations the HR department did not sufficiently engage in the fight for talent which could be the result of the focus taken away by HR administration tasks at hand.

With this insight, should your HR department consider outsourcing daily HR and Payroll functions and shift more focus onto more strategic tasks such as talent management?

There is no doubt that the labor and talent shorting in Singapore will only get worse in the future and with that, is an increasing pressure from the top management to place more focus on quality talent acquisition, people development and retention to be in line with business strategy.

However, when the HR department’s core role is to provide operational services such as maintaining HR Payroll systems and providing internal employee support and services, this can be quite difficult to reconcile with the strategic plans of the management team. Furthermore, there is always the never-ending challenge of obtaining and maintaining departmental resources to keep up the HR database system, payroll, leave and claim software while providing payroll services that comply with statutory requirements and producing lots of management reports etc.

Outsourcing to a company that provides high quality HR and payroll services is an option that being used by many companies; especially SMEs. This allows more time and resources for the HR department to focus on the strategic matters that the C-suite leaders would like the HR leaders to perform.

Options of outsourcing services:

  • Outsource the entire or part of HR and payroll functions without having to worry about the HR/payroll /leave management software at the same time. What you get are services to be provided to HR department and end users. Eg payroll, claims, on and offboarding and reporting.
  • Outsource the HR/payroll/ leave management software hosting and maintenance. This can be done by subscribing to cloud based HRIS (SaaS – Software as a Service) or hosting your HR payroll leave management software with a reliable company where you can access the system to perform the HR payroll services via secure internet. In this option, HR department continues to maintain resources to perform the services but outsource the IT functions required.
  • A mixture of option 1 and 2 depending on the capability of the outsourcing service provider as well as the policy of the company.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing are:

  • You don’t have to worry about missing statutory compliance regulations.
  • Better data confidentiality.
  • Improve data security.
  • Less hand-over duties should your payroll/HR staff resign, HR department can continue to function with no hiccups ; continue providing HR payroll services to the employees.
  • Get better access to expertise and technology.
  • Less upfront capital expenditure in the case of using SaaS or hosting your HR payroll and leave management software.

It is important that you select a reliable and quality service provider as your long-term outsourcing partner. A small number of providers are able to provide integrated services such as HR payroll services using integrated suite of HR, payroll, leave, claim, TMS software together with comprehensive talent management software delivered through SaaS or hosting. This enables your HR department to get a total HR solution from a single provider rather than managing different providers. This frees up more time and resources to focus on talent management as what the C-suite leaders expect the HR leaders to do.

iqDynamics provides a total integrated HRMS and Talent Management system for all your HR needs. We also work with our outsourcing partner PayDynamics to provide you with outsourcing services like Payroll, Leave, Claims etc. 

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