Preschool Operators Concerned Over Effects Of Standardised Curriculum

Will Nationalizing Preschool Education Kill Diversity?

Pre-School Operators Voice Their Concern About The Effects Of Standardised Curriculum

From a loss of diversity in meeting the needs of different children to the possibility that curriculum could become too focused on academics, pre-school operators have voiced concerns over the recent calls for the Government to take over the sector.

Restricting the range of teaching philosophies could be detrimental to children who may have different learning needs, said the operators TODAY spoke to, who were not involved in the recent studies by the Lien Foundation on the pre-school sector.

The latest survey by Lien Foundation released last week found that seven in 10 of the 1,400 parents involved felt that Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 levels should be part of the public education system.

The foundation also earlier released two other studies, one of which involved pre-school leaders and experts who called for reforms including making pre-school education free and partially nationalizing the sector to level the playing field.

Source: Todayonline

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