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Written by Benjamin Lee for iqDynamics

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the ability of a computer program or system to learn and make decisions independently. With AI technology, computer systems are able to replicate “human” behaviors such as problem solving and reasoning. The potential for such technology is nearly limitless when one thinks about.


While we may be a long way off from fully autonomous robots and programs, rudimentary AI is slowly finding its way in modern life. Human resource management for example, is one such industry which is able to benefit from the AI revolution.


As we prepare for the AI revolution, we take a look at how the implementation of artificial intelligence has brought about a change in the way we think about HR processes.


Allowing HR professionals to take on a larger role in the organization


Besides saving time and reducing the strain on manpower, AI technology is able to free up HR professionals for more valuable tasks. In the past, HR business processes were both laborious and time-consuming. From sorting through reams of files to inducting new candidates, HR professionals had their hands full.


However, artificial intelligence has now given rise to automation and smart processes which require little to no input from a human employee. This frees up the HR department and its members to assume more value-added roles within the organization.


Gone are the days where HR professionals are regarded as mere administrators or clerks. Instead, members of the HR department now play a larger role in shaping the organization’s strategy and objectives.


As we’ve seen over the years, there has been an increasing demand for HR professionals to take their place as strategic partners in their respective organizations. In an increasingly competitive environment, organizations need to be able to maximize their advantage on all fronts.


Enhancing diversity in the workplace


In the war for talent, diversity is crucial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a diverse workforce fosters a sense of mutual respect amongst employees and helps bring out the strengths of the team. Secondly, a diverse workforce enhances the organization’s reputation that leads to increased profitability and better employer branding. Finally, a diverse workforce brings together various cultures and mindsets which encourages creativity amongst employees.


Despite how progressive or open one may be, chances are you’ll never truly be free of bias. This is partly due to the fact that at the end of the day, we’re all human and thus susceptible to bias. Consequently, this bias affects our hiring patterns and hinders our efforts to build a truly diverse workforce.


On the other hand, AI recruitment removes the human factor which eliminates all bias during the hiring process. Textio; an AI-powered writing coach helps recruiters produce neutral advertisements in order to eliminate gender bias whilst helping eliminate any unintentional messages. Several organizations have had success with this tool and have seen an increase in workforce diversity.


Improving talent acquisition


Sourcing and tracking down talented candidates is a difficult task on its own and this situation is further compounded in large organizations where thousands of applications are filed daily. On average, a recruiter spends up to 6 seconds reading through a resume before passing it on. In a sea of resumes, it’s easy for the best candidates to get lost in the shuffle of things.


Given that most recruiters are constantly under pressure and short of time, they aren’t given much of a choice. Fortunately, there are a variety of AI platforms that analyze and determine if a particular candidate is a suitable choice for the organization.


AI technology allows recruiters to spend more time determining if a candidate is a right fit for the organization by reducing the pool of candidates available. Alongside this, AI recruitment also helps HR professionals save a significant amount of time.


Finally, AI-driven recruitment platforms are free from any kind of bias, which ensures that no favouritism occurs.


Better employee development


Training and professional development are crucial if an organization is to remain competitive. Besides building the workforce of tomorrow, training is also an important part of employee engagement. When provided with opportunities for self-improvement, employees are better motivated and engaged.


AI technology has the potential to change the way we think about learning and development. For example, thanks to people analytics, AI technology allows employees to have a customizable learning experience. By studying an employee’s performance and skill sets, the system is able to suggest a tailor-made training program to benefit said employee.


Alongside customized training programs, AI has opened up the door for virtual mentoring. The program studies said employee’s understanding and provides additional coaching where needed.


While we may be a long way off from fully-autonomous systems, the potential opportunities for AI systems is limitless. At iqDynamics, we’ve taken steps to ensure our system has the ability to integrate these type of advancements onto our HR System, providing your team with the strong foundation to create a system with limitless opportunities in improvements. 


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