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Cost-Effective HRMS Alternative to SAP and Workday

cost effective hrms alternative sap workday

Employees are the main assets of any business. They drive the organization forwards, develop new ideas, and turn vision into reality.

This is why Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or known as Human Capital Management (HCM) is a vital part of any enterprise.

But you may ask the question – what is Human Capital Management.

Simply put, it refers similarly to HRMS which simple manage the process and optimizing the organization’s human resources. 


Benefits of Human Resource Management System

From workforce planning to performance management and employee onboarding, HRMS is an integral part of the modern workplace. And this is why HRMS software such as that from Workday and SAP have become so popular. Finding a HRMS alternative might be tough given the in-depth functionality available.

However, IQ Dynamics’ is able to integrate or even work separately with different comprehensive functions at a fraction of a cost, a HRMS alternative to a better workforce and talent production system.

Here are some of the key benefits of HRMS software.


  1. 1. Improved workforce planning

The diverse nature of business nowadays means that organizations need to be able to plan and manage their talent effectively. 

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to re-evaluate their operations and reassess their talent management plans.

As business requirements shift, managers and business leaders have to plan for a fast-changing future. And this is where HRMS software comes into play. 

Data gathered from HRMS software can be used by employers to align their workforce with the organization’s strategy. Thus allowing for a greater degree of workforce optimization.


  1. 2. Better KPI management

Tracking and assessing employee KPI has always been a crucial part of Human Resource Management System. Given that its outcome can affect employee remuneration and mobility, this has always been a contentious issue.

Unfortunately, monitoring and managing employee KPI can be extremely time-consuming. And this unfortunately can sometimes lead to less than objective assessments.

Needless to say, this can have a negative effect on employee motivation and performance – which is why HRMS software is especially important here. That’s because it can automate various aspects of employee KPI management.

From gathering performance data to generating analytics, automation frees up business leaders for other tasks and allows them to better assess their employees.


  1. 3. Employee learning and development

Top performing employees tend to be highly-motivated individuals with a crystal-clear focus for their careers. Besides being a great addition to any team, they may also one day go on to revolutionize their organizations for the better.

Given how in-demand such individuals can be, it’s no surprise that it can be extremely difficult to keep them around. They are often motivated by remuneration, opportunities for career advancement, and training and development.

Failing to provide for any of these will usually see these employees packing their bags and joining up with a competitor.

HRMS software such as that from IQ Dynamics features an integrated training and development module designed to match employees with the right training.

For line managers looking to upskill their employees, IQ Dynamics’ HRMS software allows for specific training programs to be customized and developed for employees.


  1. 4. System integration

Prior to the development of HRMS software, HR professionals were forced to rely on a multitude of different systems when it came to employee management.

Oftentimes, recruitment and payroll functions were managed by entirely different systems. All of which further complicated what is already a difficult job.

But all of that has now changed with the development of HRMS software that combines all HR processes into a single system. This allows for a greater degree of collaboration between departments, minimizes rework, and speeds up the flow of work.


Cost Effective Human Resource Management System Software

It is clear to see that HRMS software is very much worth the investment. However, for most smaller enterprises, the initial outlay can be somewhat cost-prohibitive.

This is especially true for organizations with a smaller headcount who may not  find HR systems like Workday or SAP cost effective and would like a HRMS alternative.

So, does that mean that HRMS software is not for smaller-sized enterprises?

Well, far from it actually.

At IQ Dynamics, we’ve developed our own in-house HRMS software that does everything Workday and SAP can do – and more. All at a much more affordable price along with a greater degree of customization. Your customized HRMS alternative solution!

From payroll management to employee training and development, our HRMS software combines the entire suite of HR functions into a single, modular, and easy-to-use platform. Additionally, we also offer training programs in the use of our system.

For more information, visit us here to learn more on our alternate HR software solution. that works with strong in depth HR functions and objectives. 

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