A Guide to Implementing An Effective Performance Appraisal System

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Effective Performance Appraisal System what is the true meaning and method of performance appraisal? As discussed in the previous blog, there are several issues with current Performance Appraisal System in organisations where they are possibly biased and create disadvantages for certain employees.

An effective appraisal system provides consistent, reliable, and valid information aimed to help management make critical decisions. It enables team leader to accurately measure and serve the purpose of attributing it to goal that serves the purpose of performance appraisal and succession planning. Precise data and insights ensure a fair and transparent appraisal process which earn the trust and respect of employers and employees. We would like to reward performing individual and with this method we are able to better attribute numbers to workers and reward effectively. As mentioned in Harvard Business Review, what is an effective performance? Appraisal of what performance?

In tackling these issues, larger multi-national organisations have made changes to their performance appraisal system and the way an effective performance appraisal system processes is conducted to create a more efficient and unbiased process.

To assist you in understanding what actions these MNCs have done to improve their effective performance appraisal system and processes, we have create a simple e-book guide to implementing a performance appraisal system.

Click here to access the e-book and here to find out more about our HRiQ Performance Appraisal Software.

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