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A professional-grade HR system designed by HR experts, delivering productivity and tailored solutions for your business success through modular HR modules that align with your specific needs and business objectives.

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Providing an efficient HR system that fosters flexibility and quality, supporting growth and enhancing agility by leveraging actionable data and insights. Trusted by organizations worldwide!

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Flexible HR Management Software

There’s nothing quite like an adaptable HR software solution that’s customized to match your organization’s workflow. It guarantees the efficient management of all HR-related tasks within the system, allowing you to focus on making critical decisions without any compromise.

HR Overall Solution

Versatile HRIS Covering All Your HR Needs

From out-of-the-box HR functions, onboarding, multi-curencies payroll payout,  leave statutory requirements, workflow processes, claims, HR compliance tracking, performance management, performance appraisal and talent development to integrations with leading third party providers and more.

Human Resource

  • Multi Dimensional View
  • Real Time Access To Employee
  • Set Up Personalized Alerts
  • Personalize Templates
  • Generate E-letters
  • Set Complex Control & Security
  • Build Insights & Reports
  • Mass Importing Exporting
  • Many more…

Compliance Tracking

  • Detailed Compliance Control
  • Track Individual Legal & Regulatory Requirements
  • Configure Compliance Forms
  • Detailed Compliance Reporting
  • Fuss-free Handover
  • Digitalize Compliance Form
  • Many more…


  • Process Multiple Payroll Runs
  • Manage Global Operations From A Single Area
  • Customize Reports
  • Generate  & Push Consolidated Reports
  • Generate Bank Submission File
  • Compa-Ratio Comparison
  • Automate GL Interface
  • Many more…


  • Multi Dimensional View
  • Real-Time Leave Request & Data Sync
  • Leave Capacity Planning
  • Single View Of Calendar
  • Generate Reports
  • Establish Notification Delivery
  • Automate Leave Calculations
  • Many more…


  • Create Unlimited Category
  • Configure Flexible & Guided Compensation Policies
  • Capture IRAS Tax Reporting
  • Set-up Claims Routing Framework
  • Travel Pre-requisite Claims
  • Automate Claims Calculations
  • Many more…

Time Attendance

  • Configure Multiple Shift Patterns
  • Reward & Incentivize
  • Auto Credit OT Claims
  • System Alert For Exceeding MOM Regulated Hours
  • Retrieve Accurate Analysis
  • Reduce Foul Play Calculations
  • Accurate Roster Planning
  • Many more…


  • Enhance Tracking Ability
  • MOM Overtime Compliant
  • Analyze Man Hours Spent
  • Automate Cost Report
  • Calculate Applicable Shift Allowances
  • Reduce Foul Play Calculations
  • Track, Capture Billable Hours 
  • Many more…

Reporting & Insights

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Gain Valuable Insights
  • Conveyed KPI Objectives
  • In Depth Report Analysis
  • Configurable Detailed Report
  • Drag & Drop Functionality
  • Build Actionable Dashboard
  • Measure & Evaluate Workforce Productivity
  • Many more…

Build The Best Team & Foster Growth With
Talent Management System

Ramp up talent experiences with IQ Dynamics HRiQ’s Talent management system. From talent development, appraisal, succession planning to recruitment and onboarding workflow. A unified HR system packed with talent modules aimed to drive your business with effective people management tools.

Performance Appraisal

  • Configure Appraisal Templates
  • 360 Feedback System
  • Set Up Improvement Plans
  • Full Visibility To Entire Review Process
  • Break Down High-Level Organizational Targets
  • Compa-ratio Adjustment
  • Many more…

Training & Development

  • Generate Competency Framework
  • Map Job Roles to Assessment Rubic
  • Set Up Learning Needs, Schedules
  • Instil Multi-Levels Approvals
  • Identify Employee’s Learning Needs
  • Track Learning Process
  • Integrate With Existing Learning Platforms
  • Many more…


  • Reduce Time Taken To Post Jobs
  • Elevate Potential Candidate
  • Reduce Candidate Evaluation Time
  • Customize Checklist
  • Secured Third Party Recruiters Access
  • Easy Workflow Setup & Routing
  • Automate Administrative Task
  • Sync Across All HR Modules
  • Many more…

Onboarding & Workflow

  • Onboarding Alerts
  • Automated Summarised Assignments
  • Configurable Workflow for New Hires
  • Streamline Internal Processes
  • Offboarding Compensation & Deductables
  • Automated Workflow Routing
  • Many more…

Talent Development

  • 9 Box Grid Evaluation
  • In-depth Talent Assessment
  • Plan for Future Successor
  • Create Succession Timeline
  • Ensure Fairness & Unbiased Scoring
  • Identify Talent Workforce
  • Cultivate Talent Pool
  • Set-up Customizable Questionaire
  • Many more…


  • Learning Gamification
  • Personalized Internal Learning Materials
  • SCORM 1.2/ SCORM 2004
  • Advance Authoring Tool
  • Post Training Feedback
  • Ad-Hoc & Post Training Submission
  • Multi Level Approval For Courses
  • Many more…
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