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As one of Singapore’s top Enterprise-level HRMS systems, join us as we discuss important HR challenges plaguing HR teams in the current business landscape. 


Webinar: Create a Great Onboarding Process with HRiQ


Onboarding is a process that helps new employees get accustomed to their new work environment, integrate into the company culture, and become an effective contributor to the company. If onboarding is poorly done, it can have an adverse effect to the company such as misalignment in expectations, lower confidence among employees and high-turnover rate. What can be done by HR professionals to create a good onboarding process?


Some key onboarding best practices includes, providing opportunities for new employees to build key relationships, establish and discuss key goals and setting up learning plans. It can be a tedious and time-consuming process to do so for every new employee, however when done correctly, the return of investments (ROI) to the organization can be abundance.


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