HRiQ Talent Assessment

Build Talent Bench Strength Organically

Organizations no longer need to break the bank to cultivate a high performing workforce.

The intuitive HRiQ Talent Profiling module empowers HR teams to build talent bench strength organically by driving higher employee performance at every touch point.

The module integrates seamlessly with the high-value and fully functional HRiQ Talent management suite to enable end-to-end talent management while proactively anticipating and filling skills gaps.

The industry-proven 9-Box approach serves particularly well for HR-intensive midsize and large organizations planning succession roles based on employee potential vs. performance assessment. HR managers can incorporate an array of performance metrics into the configurable assessment tool to select candidates best suitable to fill specific skills gaps.

The Talent Profiling module also provides a consolidated repository for employees to highlight their contribution, display their skills set and qualifications, and emphasize on their career interests.

For HR managers, the module provides in-depth insights to employee performance metrics and activity logs to measure performance and potential accurately.The instant visibility empowers HR teams to align employee performance with organizational goals strategically, minimizing present variations that would otherwise magnify in the long run and cause serious service disruptions.





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