HRiQ Recruitment Module

Empower Your HR Team For Better Employee Acquisition

Offering lucrative contract offers is barely sufficient in attracting top talent. Winning the war for the right talent in the data-driven recruitment industry comes with providing the right information to the intended recipient – HR teams as well as potential candidates.

For this reason, the HRiQ Recruitment Management module is developed to empower HR teams with the right candidate information to create attractive and productive recruitment programs that guarantee top performing acquisitions.

The cloud-based HRiQ Recruitment module is tightly integrated with the HRiQ Talent suite and enables end-to-end HR information management. The module structures the recruitment processes with a workflow-driven approach to talent requisition, acquisition, applicant tracking, configurable reporting and insightful analytics.

The configurable HRiQ Recruitment module offers secure document transfers and automatically synced email communication support. Features such as quick interview setup and streamlined transfer of candidate information from the applicant database to employee master database make first-class talent onboarding a breeze.Losing key employees is no longer detrimental to critical projects and business operations as the HRiQ Recruitment module proactively prompts HR teams to hire or shuffle employees to fill the void. At the same time, search engine optimized job postings pushes the best lot of potential candidates to approach your organization efficiently so that your team never loses a moment in the search for top talent.

These HR capabilities maximize resource utilization while avoiding costly delays and an otherwise inevitable loss in productivity.




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