HRiQ Employee Self-Service Portal

Empower Your Employees To Help Themselves

HRiQ’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is the heart of HRiQ, providing a secure single-point access for all of your workforce to view, edit and perform necessary updates to their personal information and details.

HRiQ Employee Self-Service Portal Lets Employees Perform Their Own HR Tasks With Ease

HRiQ’s ESS portal lets you empower your employees to log in and update their personal details, view their payslips, apply for leave, declare overtime, fill in project timesheets and submit expense reimbursement claims. Employees can also log in to perform their own employee performance appraisals, evaluate learning and training courses provided by the company and work together with HR to make talent management more effective.

The ESS portal also allows HR to update company information and announcements for efficient broadcasting to employees at large. It is an easy and interactive company database where employees can read up on company policies, check employee handbooks, view official documentation and even browse company photo albums.

To enhance efficiency, HRiQ ESS portal is also easily available on smartphones. Employees and managers can access and log in on their smartphones and mobile devices from anywhere at any time.

HRiQ Mobile lets employees view and print payslips on the go
HRiQ Employee Self-Service portal allows employees to log in and perform self-service activities on their smartphone

HRiQ ESS has tight integration to email and workflow-supported procedures which can automate traditionally time-consuming HR tasks. Configure email alerts for managers and supervisors for their necessary actions, such as approving leave applications or expense claims submissions. Rejected submissions can be routed back to employees with an email alert advising further actions to be taken.

With the time saved, HR can effectively bolster their job role to focus on becoming a strategic business partner to the organization’s management.

The centralized efficiency of HRiQ ESS Portal happens because HRiQ is a tightly-integrated HRMS solution offering a full suite of HR functions. The modules complement each other and are built to be a complete and robust platform.




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