HRiQ Executive Dashboard

HRiQ Executive Dashboard is an intelligent new addition to HRiQ that brings your critical HR and talent management metrics together in an intuitive and visual representation.

This module provides the valuable insights required at the top management levels to measure the success and continuity of the organization. When your management team gets together for meetings and business reviews, they want the reports that get them right to the heart of what matters, the business. Instead of going through multiple tables and number-crunching, and perhaps missing critical information, your HR and talent management KPIs can be conveyed directly to their screens.

If they require in-depth intelligence, the dashboard allows further drill-downs into reported variables and tables for a detailed analysis of what’s going on in your company. With state-of-the-art report builder that is constructed on the latest Microsoft application.

Meant for the power user, this is a powerful tool that builds customizable reports any way you want. Drag-and-drop functionality means that your power user, be it HR executive or manager, can easily create detailed analytical reports by pulling data from the complex array of information available in all your HRiQ modules.

With HRiQ Executive Dashboard, be prepared for far-reaching improvements to not only your HR and talent management domain, but also, the capabilities of your talented workforce, higher retention rates, better productivity, and most importantly, your business success.



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