6 Reasons to Choose HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution

HRIQTM Human Capital Management Solution is a comprehensive web-based HRMS, The strength of HRiQ is the simple, yet total, solution that aids you every step of the way. 

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From assessing and aligning a sustainable workforce, to augmenting continued productivity and profit, HRiQ is much more than a simple HRMS. Here are the top 6 reasons to choose HRiQ to accompany you on your business journey:

1) Ease of Use – Designed with your employees in mind, HRiQ is an easy-to-use software with a short learning curve.

2) Scalable – HRIQ is designed to be easily expandable. It covers all human resource aspects of the employee’s journey, from Recruitment to Retirement. HRiQ is function-based, giving you the ability to pick and customize the HR functions your organization and staff require.  Start small with just one function, and let HRiQ grow together with your business anytime you are ready to expand.

3) Secure – Enjoy peace of mind with HRiQ, as we are a fully web-based HRMS software built on the latest Microsoft technologies. HRiQ is a highly-secure solution that is available both on-premise and on the cloud. Your data will always be fully secure and protected, either on your own company servers, or in a secure data center hosted by leading global providers like Microsoft.

4) Holistic – With HRiQ, your HR department works on one central HR software that integrates one or all of your human resource functions. Our HRMS software ensures that your management team has 360-degree visibility into all employee data, as it is seamlessly integrated across all HR functions, at any time, from anywhere.

5) Strong Partnerships – iqDynamics is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development (formerly Independent Software Vendor / ISV). This means that iqDynamics has demonstrated the highest and most specialized ability and commitment to our proven expertise in developing innovative applications such as HRiQ using the latest Microsoft platform technologies.

6) Flexible – With a large base of customers from different industries, HRiQ is proven in its flexibility to work in any organization, from SMEs to large enterprises, across any industry and sector.

Selecting the right HRMS for your organization is important. Your team has to ensure that the HRMS can be customized to your organization’s unique requirements, offers the best security for your company data and is simple enough for daily use.

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