Mastering The Art of HR Automation From Within

Are you ready for the battle of managing your organisation’s continuous manpower crunch and fostering constant talent development against the ‘here-to-stay’ hybrid working future?

The remoting working environment has intensified the need for greater employee experience to attract and retain the best people.

Enterprise-ready HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution encompasses features to evolve your manually handled employee onboarding and training to automated processes by taking a structured approach and streamlining the workflow.


Steer your FY2022 journey along the all-inclusive talent development strategy roadmap with our highly secured HRiQ Human Talent Management Solution on the Microsoft Azure Platform.


1.Learn how you can automate onboarding & workflow  with HRiQ Onboarding Management System.

2. Explore methods to foster talent development with E-Learning Authoring Tool

3. Facilitate pulse check with HRiQ Employee survey tool

4. Common security measures and jargons that HR should consider


Join us in this webinar where we invite exclusive HR professionals to share how we battle and stay ahead in a hybrid working environment. Master the art of HR technology in onboarding automation, workflow, talent development, e-learning and survey tool and deliver strong performance and productivity breakthrough with HR technology.


Webinar | Date: 8 October 2021 | Time: 4pm (1600hrs)

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Date: 8 October 2021
Time: 4pm (1600hrs)

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