HRiQ TMS Attendance Management System

Simplify Employee Attendance Tracking and Absence Management

Attendance management will no longer be an administrative pain with our precise time tracking and attendance software.

HRiQ’s Attendance management module simplifies employee attendance tracking and employee absence management on an easy, intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Real- Time Employee Attendance Tracking

Using our web-based time attendance management system, you have real-time employee attendance tracking and employee absence tracking records and can generate accurate attendance reports anytime they are required.

Easily drill down into employee attendance details, analyze employee activities and make well-informed decisions to enhance productivity.  HR teams, line managers, and higher management can always remain up-to-date with insightful data regarding workforce utilization.


Configure Unique Work Patterns

Our time attendance management software allows department managers to effortlessly create shift rosters in tune with flexible and unique work patterns, enabling painless workforce planning..

HR managers can set up complex shifts, midnight cross-over shifts, and all configurations of work patterns and multi-shift patterns in our time attendance system.

This attendance management software works well for companies in many industries, especially for the manufacturing and retail industries where shift work is common.


Interface with Various Time Clock Devices

Our time attendance management system also interfaces seamlessly with a range of time clocks, time tracking devices and biometric machines that recognize retina, pal, facial, vein and fingerprint configurations.

With real-time updates to our time attendance management system, absence management and employee attendance tracking can be dealt with immediately.


Integrate with HRiQ Leave and HRiQ Payroll

Our Attendance management module integrates with modules across the wider HRiQ Human Capital Management Solution. for real-time reporting between your attendance, leave and payroll cycles.

Seamlessly transfer information about overtime pay and shift allowance payouts to HRiQ Payroll for accurate salary calculation and payout.

Sync attendance tracking and absence management reports with leave records in HRiQ Leave to get a real snapshot of your workforce utilization.

HRiQ’s user-friendly platform provides complete visibility into workforce availability and lets you create custom and policy-compliant scheduling without a hitch.




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