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HR Software to Measure CPD Points & CET Hours

Singapore CPD points CED hours

Introduction to CPD and CET Requirements in Singapore

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) requirements are important for professionals in Singapore to stay updated, enhance their skills, and demonstrate their expertise.


CPD refers to the ongoing educational activities professionals engage in to develop their abilities and maintain competence in their field. Many professional bodies and regulatory organizations in Singapore mandate a minimum number of CPD hours each year for members to retain their licenses or designations.


CET is a similar concept that applies to certain regulated professions like insurance agents, financial advisors, and capital markets services representatives. They must complete annual CET hours focused on their industry to meet regulatory compliance.


The hours can be earned through courses, workshops, conferences, e-learning, researching and writing articles, and more. Individuals have to track their qualifying CPD and CET activities and corresponding hours.


HR software such as HRiQ with automated CPD/CET tracking saves companies and employees significant time and hassle in recording and monitoring CPD and CET compliance. Advanced solutions also generate helpful reports and insights.


Benefits of Automated CPD/CET Tracking

Automating the tracking of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education & Training (CET) hours provides several advantages over manual tracking methods.


The biggest benefit is the massive time savings compared to spreadsheet or paper-based tracking. Manually entering training events, calculating CPD points, and generating reports is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. With automated software, all CPD and CET data is captured and updated in real-time as training occurs. Employees simply log training in the system, and CPD points are calculated automatically based on predefined logic. Reports can be generated with the click of a button.


Automation also minimizes human error that can occur with manual data entry and calculation. The accuracy and validity of CPD records is critical for regulatory compliance. Automated software ensures data is validated and accurately captured for every training event.


Automating CPD tracking also facilitates easy storage and organization of records over time. Records are digitized and securely accessible on the cloud rather than on local spreadsheets or papers that can get lost. Supervisors can quickly pull records for any date range required.


Overall, automated CPD tracking streamlines a very manual process for HR. It saves countless hours compared to tracking manually, while also improving accuracy and record storage.


Key Features to Look for

When evaluating HR software for CPD and CET tracking in Singapore, look for solutions that provide robust functionality while remaining user-friendly. Here are some key features to consider:


Integrations with training platforms:

The ability to integrate with your organization’s learning management system (LMS) or other training platforms is crucial. This allows for automatic capture and recording of employee training data to minimize manual effort. The software should sync training completion data from the LMS directly into each employee’s CPD/CET records.


Automated CPD/CET tracking

The software should automatically track and log training undertaken by each employee and calculate the corresponding CPD/CET points, eliminating manual calculation. Employees should be able to view their accrued points.


Customizable CPD/CET categories

The system should allow defining customizable CPD/CET categories tailored to your professions and training types. This enables standardized point allocation.


Reminder triggers

To help prompt employees to complete training, the software should provide reminders when CPD/CET deadlines are approaching. Configurable reminder triggers ensure no renewal deadline is missed.


CPD/CET reports

Comprehensive CPD/CET reports should be easily generated for individual employees or departments. These reports demonstrate training completed and can be submitted for license renewals.


Dashboard analytics

Data analytics and dashboards provide visibility into overall organizational training levels, trends, and progress towards CPD/CET goals. This enables data-driven training decisions.


Choosing HR software with these features streamlines CPD and CET administration, saving time and effort while ensuring compliance.


Tracking Employee Training Hours


A key feature of HR software for CPD and CET points is the ability to automatically track employee training hours. Rather than relying on manual data entry, the system can integrate with your learning management system (LMS) to log completed courses and programs.


This automation eliminates the need for employees to manually submit evidence of their training. As soon as they finish a course in the LMS, it is automatically reflected in their CPD/CET profile. Hours are tallied up in real-time, providing an accurate and up-to-date record.


The system can even differentiate between internal, external, online, and in-person training. This allows for more detailed tracking and reporting by training type. Managers can get a clear picture of how employees are developing their skills.


Automatic logging also means no training hours get missed or lost. This ensures employees get full credit for their continuous development, which is especially important for maintaining certifications or licenses.


Overall, automated tracking of training hours through HR software integration massively simplifies CPD and CET administration. It saves HR teams time while giving employees full visibility into their progress.


Generating CPD Point Reports

One of the most useful features of HR software for CPD tracking is the ability to generate detailed CPD point reports. This provides visibility into the ongoing professional development of employees.


With the right software, you can pull CPD reports for individual employees or teams. These reports tally up the training hours logged across the year to date and calculate the equivalent CPD points. Some systems can even compare the points accrued versus CPD requirements set for that employee’s role or career level.


For individual reports, a manager can review an employee’s total CPD hours and points over a given timeframe. This allows them to monitor progress and ensure the employee is on track to meet annual CPD requirements. It also aids in discussions around career development and goals.


Team reports roll up the CPD hours and points for everyone in a department or project team. This gives managers insight into the overall learning and development of their team. If certain employees are lagging in CPD activities, the manager can then work to address this gap proactively.


Automated CPD reporting takes the manual effort out of gathering and calculating CPD points across the organization. With a few clicks, managers can access up-to-date reports showing if CPD compliance standards are being met. This visibility enables more strategic investment in employee learning and development.


Reminder Notifications

One of the most useful features of automated CPD/CET tracking software is the ability to set reminder notifications and alerts. This ensures employees and HR managers never miss an important deadline for renewing licenses or certifications.


The software can be configured to send automatic email or app notifications when licenses or certificates are nearing expiration. For example, reminders can be set to go out 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days prior to expiration dates. This gives ample time for employees to complete any required training or exams to renew their credentials.


In addition, some software allows setting reminders for annual compliance training assignments. The system can automatically notify each employee when their required training modules are coming due based on custom schedules.


Setting proactive reminders is crucial to avoiding any lapses or gaps in licenses, certifications, or mandatory training. Automated notifications take the burden off HR personnel having to manually track renewal dates across the organization. This ensures a compliant workforce that stays up-to-date on all requirements.


With robust reminder functionality, organizations can feel confident that employee credentials and qualifications will be maintained. HR teams have peace of mind knowing the software will flag any upcoming deadlines and keep all compliance requirements on track.


Analytics and Insights

HR software with automated CPD and CET tracking provides valuable analytics and insights to identify training gaps across your workforce. Rather than relying on spreadsheets and manual tracking, the system captures all training hours in one place.


This enables powerful reporting to see which employees are completing required training and certificates. Filters can be applied to break this down by department, location, job role, and other parameters.


Analytics dashboards spotlight any skills deficiencies in the organization. This allows targeted learning initiatives to upskill employees in the knowledge they need for their day-to-day responsibilities.


The software tracks compliance expiry dates for mandatory certificates. Automated notifications prompt managers to enroll employees in refresher courses ahead of time. This prevents any lapses which could put the company at risk.


Beyond formal training, social and collaborative learning is also tracked. This provides a holistic view of employee development through mentoring, on-the-job training, and peer learning.


In summary, automated analytics offer real-time insights to boost workforce capability. It empowers strategic investment in employee training where it is needed most.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring professionals meet their Continuing Education and Development (CED) requirements is crucial for organizations in Singapore. Certain regulated professions like law, accounting, and financial advisory require professionals to complete a minimum number of training hours each year. This is mandatory in order to maintain their professional licenses.


The Public Accountants Oversight Committee (PAOC) requires CPAs in Singapore to complete 120 CPE hours over a 3-year period, with a minimum of 20 CPE hours per calendar year. The Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) mandates that all nurses and midwives complete a minimum of 25 CPE hours per registration period to renew their practicing certificate.


HR software with automated CED tracking helps ensure professionals are compliant with regulatory requirements. The system maintains a centralized record of employee training and CED hours. It can generate reports for submission to regulatory bodies. The software sends reminder notifications when staff are close to non-compliance. This helps avoid problems with license renewal and certification.


Automating CED tracking through HR software reduces the administrative burden for HR teams. It also gives management greater visibility into training levels across the organization. Implementing such a system demonstrates a commitment to supporting ongoing development and learning. This is key for retaining top talent within regulated industries.


HR Solution to your CPD/CET Hours

Tracking CPD and CET points is crucial for organizations in Singapore to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. Having an automated system in place through HR software can provide numerous benefits beyond basic compliance.


With the right HR software, organizations can effortlessly track employee training and generate the necessary CPD reports. Features like automated reminders, analytics, and insights take CPD tracking to the next level. Leaders can identify skills gaps, understand training effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions around learning and development.


The key is choosing user-friendly software that integrates seamlessly with existing HR systems. Look for solutions that provide flexibility around point allocation, automated notifications, and robust reporting. While compliance is the priority, the software should add strategic value through actionable insights.


In summary, automating CPD and CET tracking through HR software is highly recommended. The right solution can reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance, and provide valuable analytics for better decision making. Organizations that embrace this technology will gain a competitive advantage in both compliance and human capital development.


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