How HR tech solution can help HR gain a seat at the executive board room


Automation of HR tasks with HRMS
Leveraging HRMS and Talent Management systems to become a HR strategic Leader

How HR tech solution can help HR gain a seat at the executive board room.

A recent HR survey by Paychex has shown that more than 67% of HR leaders at companies with headcounts between 50 to 500 have moved beyond traditional administrative role and are part of the leadership conversations about business directions. However, while that is the case, the perceived overall performance of the HR department is still lacking in the opinion of employees of all sized businesses.

So how can your HR department wipe the slate clean and present yourself as a worthy strategic leader at the executive board room? The secret is to build your HR capabilities upon HR Technology.  


  1. Using HR solution or HRMS to automate all of the transactional and administrative tasks. This is probably nothing new, however, the HRMS software must be flexible and robust to support the changing business process which the HR management may want to improve to gain better productivity in the department or across the functions in the company. This ensures issues get resolved in a timely manner which will create a better impression of the HR department on its employees and management team.


  1. Integrated HRMS and Talent Management software.
    One of the issues that decreases the level of efficiency of your HR department are single point HR software instead of an integrated system where data can flow smoothly and securely. This often results in unproductive data entry and more data error.
    The other implication of single point HR solution is the difficulty in getting useful all-rounded information that can provide valuable insights to help executives in making strategic decisions.


  1. Talent management process and software solution
    The survey also mentioned that while majority of the HR department perceived talent management as part of their job scope, a high percentage of employees in the company were unaware. While this could be due to a lack of communication, this could also mean that HR leaders are not doing enough to be seen as effective talent managers in the company.
    HR leaders can be a lot more effective if the talent management process and software can be implemented to help in recruiting the right talent, retaining the talent by implementing better performance management or appraisal system. Learning (training) management system will be a great tool to identify company employees’ competencies gaps and the appropriate training road maps for the employee. This will help in development of the company talent and assist in retainment of staff.


  1. Executive information and dashboard For HR to earn a seat in the executive board room, it is only the minimum requirement for the HR leaders to be able to provide the management team with insightful reports and information of the company’s most important assets. With an integrated HRMS and talent management system, the database of the employees can be used not only for transactional operations, one can extract, process, ask what-if questions and perform analysis. The end results are reports and analysis that will be insightful information for the executives in the boardroom when performing strategic decision making.


  1. You only get the benefit when you adopt a comprehensive HR solution and work with a dependable HR software partner Most HR leaders understand what to do about the areas mentioned so far, however, the challenge is how to do it timely, within budget, and maintain the process and systems efficiently.This is where it is important to note that the true value of a HRMS and Talent management system, lies in the fact that the HR solution adopted will be integrated with current processes, uses latest technology, is user friendly and most of all, implemented smoothly with good training and documentation.Of course, the HR solution must be running on a secure and reliable environment such as a reputable cloud platform.
    Lastly, the HR software solution provider must be a long term dependable partner in providing on-going services to support the HR department through any issues. All these elements must be in place for the HR department to derive the maximum values and benefits. The HR technology solution is then considered complete, effective and will enable the HR leaders to be part of the strategic conversations that take place in the board room.


In summary, the survey shows that investing in HR technology solution is worth the effort and should be given very high priority in the HR department. Furthermore, it will be an on-going process and effort and not likely to be just one-off. This will help the HR leaders to be part of the business leadership in charting the business strategy and directions.


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