Create Great Beginnings with HRiQ Onboarding

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional with years of experience, the first day at a new workplace is always unnerving. It’s only when you become familiar with the surroundings, feel comfortable within the organizational climate, and develop an understanding of what is expected of you, you can fulfill your responsibilities. Most businesses recognize the importance of these factors and provide some form of new hire organizational socialization, including orientation and introductory seminars.


Onboarding is the first and an integral part of the employee experience. It involves the process of introducing a new employee into the organizational set-up, including its structure, culture, mission, vision, and values to make the employee feel confident and comfortable. This process makes it easy for the employees to assimilate into the organizational culture in no time.


Thus, Managing your organization's onboarding and offboarding process with new hire alerts , task and checklist alerts through automated workflow routings to keep new hires engaged and set up for success is critical in an organization.

- Synchronise processes by creating checklists, tasks or duties
between various departments
- Revolutionized Onboarding Experience from preparation of new joiner’s onboard essentials such as workstation
- Automate additional administrative tasks such as compensation of leave encashment or collection of over-utilized benefit
- Pave the way for efforts from pre-boarding to onboard new hires with an automated summarised portfolio, useful contacts and buddy assignments.

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