Build Success With Better Employee Engagement

A recent study conducted by Gallup found that more than 60% of employees felt unhappy at work.


To be precise, 51% of employees surveyed said they felt disengaged, while another 13% admitted being actively disengaged.


Note: actively disengaged employees are more than just unhappy - they’re actively seeking new ways to spread their unhappiness and make their displeasure known. An actively disengaged employee can quickly spread dissent within the ranks and turn your other employees against you.


Hence, this is why organizations must do their best to ensure that employees remain engaged throughout their careers. A business staffed by disengaged employees will quickly find themselves bleeding talent and losing out on lucrative opportunities.



Losing The Plot: Why Employee Engagement Fails
However, the term employee engagement has become somewhat overused by HR consultants and executives over the years. Thus, employee engagement is now something of a catchall term for just about any company-type initiative.


Download to find out more how employee engagement fails and how can these 6 ways the best people does it to prevent engagement failure.

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