Unsure about how to run your Performance Appraisal?

Feeling a little lost on how to run your appraisal process? In this appraisal guide + appraisal template download:

  1. 6 easy steps to getting your HR and management team onboard with the idea and routine of automating your appraisal process.

2. An example of a simple appraisal template that you can easily use as a starting point to create your own appraisal template.

Some key features HRiQ Appraisal System that can help you create an effective appraisal process:

360 Degree Feedback Process: Allow employees to appraise not only themselves but surrounding personnel that work with them on day-to-day basis.

Journaling: Managers/ Supervisors can now jot down employee outstanding achievements or accomplishments gained throughout the year as a referral note for year-end appraisal cycle.

Automated Appraisal Reminders: Create automated reminders to remind appraisers to complete appraisal and submit.

Smart Appraisal Routing: If employee has changed job role in the middle of the year and has a different appraiser than their initial appraiser, our workflow can be routed to follow the employee across the different role while maintaining the same appraisal sheet.

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